“We find human faces in the moon, armies in the clouds; and… ascribe malice or good-will to everything, that hurts or pleases us.”-18th-century philosopher David Hume

We’re humanizing Coronavirus too as “sneaky, “tricky,” “merciless,” “cruel” and “invisible enemy.”


Trump calls it the Chinese flu.
It could be expected from him given that he decerns issues at a very basic and unintelligible level.
Is it the language of the common man in the USA. Perhaps it is, especially in the rural areas of the country.
So, why a hyperbole has been created.
The naming of virus-related spreading diseases has been the practice for a long time. We had Spanish flu, West Nile Virus, Zika, Ebola, etc. Then hurricanes are titled after popular names from both the genders.
In lighter veins, Mexico seems it does not mind the use of Corona named after its world popular beer.
The media is creating an issue out of Trump’s political incorrectness.
The bottom line is viruses know no borders, ethnicity, religion, etc.
-Promod Puri

I Can’t Understand It

When the ongoing tragedies of human sufferings caused by humans do not get from most, a line in the poetry of poets, a page in the writings of writers, a stroke of brush in the paintings of painters, a focus in the meditation of meditators, a stay in the minds of yoga practitioners, a reflection of sermon from a priest about the teachings of Nanak and Kabir, a discern from political scientists and intellectuals in the social sciences, a condemning statement from silver screen heroes and entertainers, a quote from habitual social media motivational advisers. And all the educated professionals who are mum and mute while the human catastrophes pass by only with the apathetic and callous remark “this is all politics.”
-Promod Puri

Democracy In The USA Very Expensive Route To Elect A Govt.

Democrat aspirant Michael Bloomberg is the 12th richest man in the world with a net worth of over $60 billion. If he wins the nomination, Bloomberg will be pitted against another billionaire, the incumbent president, Donald Trump. And this is where money will be a behemoth to impact the election scene.
In the USA, unlike most other democracies in the world, the sky is the limit in election spending.
Bloomberg joined the nomination race in November last year, much later than other candidates. According to a report in the Quartz, he has already spent over $400 million, compared to $120 million by Bernie Sanders, and $90 million by Elizabeth Warren, the two front runners.
Where the money is being spent. Traditionally most of that spending goes to advertising, targeted campaigns, staff, and management.
But in the case of Bloomberg, he is seeking paid volunteers to “share” his messages on social media. That means those who are on Facebook, for example, can carry his news and views and get paid as well.
His unlimited funds in the election fray have worried the other candidates.
-Promod Puri


Once again I say these are not riots between Hindus and Muslims.
What has happened are violent and barbaric attacks by the so-called Hindus against the Muslims in several localities of Delhi.
Holding peace prayers and advising calm to both the Muslims and Hindus are nonsense and stereotype politics.
With the open support of the Delhi Police, hired and paid goons of the ruling Hindutva leaders came with lathis in their aggression along with a barrage of rocks on fellow citizens.
Calling the whole mayhem as another Hindu-Muslim riot is trivializing the brewing hatred and violence against Muslims who have every right to be equal and honorable citizens of Hindusthan.
-Promod Puri


The trait of being socially or politically Left or Right is that the Left is anti-religious and the Right is fanatic. The former ridicules and rejects religion, and the latter is narcissistically illiterate about it.
Promod Puri


Democratic freedoms breed authoritarianism. Consolidation of power, achieved through democratic means, is a tempting phenomenon. Regimes are slowly being wrapped up in totalitarianism or dictatorship.

Nationalism and patriotism are aroused. The fear factor is created by introducing “foreign enemies”. Minorities are being targeted.

To streamline the influence of fear, several practices and arrangements are mobilized. Judiciary, the intelligence agencies, the income tax department, the police forces, state-sponsored “terrorism” are the channels to move democracy towards autocracy.

In this exercise, the media is disciplined or regulated for the smooth acceptance of manufactured propagated material.

It is a camouflaged process where the majority population naively gets adapted with acceptable disturbance mainly for nationalistic or patriotic alarms.

The fear factor permeates into the culture of silence and apathy. And authoritarianism survives till the next elections if these are not corrupted.

-By Promod Puri


Elected politicians all over the globe often boast about their economic achievements when their countries’ GDP goes up. And countrymen are impressed.

For example, Trump can pride himself as the USA’s GDP has grown to $21.7 trillion last year, a massive gain that makes the country the most significant economic power in the world.

GDP stands for gross domestic product, meaning the total market value of all the goods and services produced within the country. That gross production includes everything produced and purchased, services generated and bought, and investments made.

When the GDP number of a given year is divided by the population figure of the country, the result is taken as a reflection of the living standard of its citizens.

And this where the GDP gives quite a false impression about the actual well being of a nation. Under its blanket coverage are the stark realities of poverty, homelessness, and even hunger.

These realities are suppressed by governments’ public relations campaign that the country is doing great as per the rising GDP numbers.

GDP is a useful tool creating a false impression that the nation is economically well managed.

Since it does not reflect the true nature of the country’s well being as experienced by all its citizens, GDP needs to go beyond its present valuation of produced goods and services.

-Promod Puri

Getting Rid of Clogging Identities

By Promod Puri

Nationality, caste, color, creed, ritual-based religion: do we still have to wear these badges? When these identities become obsolete, dead, and gone?

Nations across the globe have become or becoming cosmopolitan in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Political boundaries are only relevant to the administrative and bureaucratic functioning of governments. But not for propping up nationalism and its related precept of patriotism.

In a universal temperament, caste, color, creed, and ritual-based religion are irrelevant. Instead these antiquated social and faith-based divisions clog the advance of peace and harmony in our lives.


Those in India and of Indian origin abroad, who are aware of the present tense situation in the country because of several controversial issues, are silent for being the supporters of  Modi regime, I can understand their muteness. But those, who are critical and are silent about the present state of affairs the nation is passing thru, must be condemned.

“Society is not devasted by the misdeeds of badmen, but by the silence of the so-called good people.”- Mahesh Bhatt, writer and film producer

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

-by Promod Puri


In democratic-elect governments like India, Turkey, 

download (6)the Philippines, and several African, Central, and South American nations, there is an emerging wave of fascism and despotism. Liberalism, meaning individual and minority rights, are fading in these countries led by demagogues invoking the sentiments of nationalism and patriotism.

Greek philosopher Plato in 380 B.C., predicted the peril of democracy that can lead to the rule of tyrants supported by the majority population.

-By Promod Puri


Computer screen and our eyes don’t see eye to eye with each other. But we can’t avoid their working relationship.
We know, prolong staring rather than looking at the screen is damaging to our eyes. Staring means reduced or no blinking of eyes, while looking involves frequent blinking. The ideal is 12 blinks per minute while on the computer.
Ophthalmologists suggest a “20-20-20” formula to avoid tired or dry eyes. That means taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes, and to look at something 20 feet in distance. This eye break allows both relaxation and plenty of blinks.

Promod Puri


“I belong to a small country that was not afraid to abolish its army in order to increase its strength. In my homeland, you will not find a single tank, a single artillery piece, a single warship, or a single military helicopter. Today we threaten no one, neither our own people nor our neighbors. Such threats are absent not because we lack tanks but because there are few of us who are hungry, illiterate, or unemployed.”
-Ex Costa Rican President Oscar Aria, 1987 Noble Peace Prize winner.

Red Thread Around Wrist


Red thread around the wrist (right for men and left for women) is the new fad of Hindu ritualistic identification. Called Mauli or Kalva, it is tied by a priest or an elderly person after a ceremonial event. The wearer is supposed to keep the thread until it is worn out.

The literal meaning of Mauli in Sanskrit is ‘crown,’ which means, above all. There are several mythological stories about the origin of Mauli, as well as claims of health benefits.

The red cotton thread is often mixed with small colors of yellow or orange. It is supposed to dispense some magical powers of protection and to ward off misfortune as well as to attract good luck.

Many among those who wear the Mauli have a strong feeling that it should not be removed because of a fear that such an act can bring bad luck.

It is the fear factor which dominates all the religions of the world, and Hinduism is not an exception. The sacred thread symbolizes that fear, besides its ritualistic value.

Promod Puri


Three noticeable differences:

1. Whereas Trump has a stiff relationship with the media, Modi is steadily developing a controlling relationship with the media.

2. Trump is open and blunt, expresses his views the moment these come to his mind; Modi often plays the politics of silence.

3. Modi loves bear hugging, for Trump shaking hands is enough.

-Promod Puri


Carbon Dioxide is the gas which is blamed, and rightly so, for warming the earth atmosphere. In fact, its concentration in our atmosphere is only 0.041 percentage. Whereas, all the human activities contribute just about 32 percent of 0.041% of the total amount of carbon dioxide.
But carbon dioxide has a very strong influence on climate because of its ability to absorb heat emitted from our planet’s surface, keeping it from escaping out to space. And that causes the escalating phenomenon of climate change.
-By Promod Puri

Seeking Cause Or Causes Of 9/11s Worldwide

9/11 is the anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001.

9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria.

9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s happen several times a year on the American soil too.

They say terrorists carry 9/11s. True.

Regimes are also major players in developing, creating and executing 9/11s. It is a symptom and cause theory as Obama says in a different context.

The symptoms are the frequent 9/11s of different magnitudes. And the cause is the situations created by both the rogue and the so-called civilized governing powers.

9/11 is more than an anniversary date. It is happening all over the world every day.

It is time to identify the cause of 9/11. We very well know its symptoms.

-by Promod Puri

Swing Like A Pendulum

People with free mindset attitude swing like a pendulum. Passing through the Centre, they move to the religious, social or political ideologies of the Left or Right, atheist or theist, but not committed to any of them.

The world will be a better place if more people join the pendulum instead of being ideologically fanatics that can restrict the perception of ever-chabging issues confronting us individually or by the society we live in.

-Promod Puri




by Promod Puri


download (3) khayyamIn my warm tribute to accomplished Indian music director Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi, popularly known as Khayyam, who died in Mumbai August 20, here is one of my most favorite songs composed by him.

It is sung by versatile singer Asha Bhonsle who won several awards for her classical presentation under Khayyam’s direction. The song was performed on the screen by talented actor Rekha. The wordings were penned by Aligarh University Urdu scholar and poet Akhlaq Mohammad Khan ‘Shahryar’.

Khayyam was one of the few music directors who in the real sense were composers. Famous music directors like Naushad Ali, Shanker -Jaikishan duo or OP Nayyar often borrowed tunes from regional folk songs. But Khayyam, like SD Burman or C Ramchandra and AR Rehaman, was always original. His uniqueness lies in converting a gazal into lyric as a filmi song.

In nagmo mein Khayyam ke mastaane hazaaron hain.


By Promod Puri

In today’s real estate many homes and even apartments in the world’s big cities, including Vancouver, are priced over five million dollars.
Now moving backward over a century ago, the US bought Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million in 1867. Still a bargain at $125 million in today’s dollars for 370 million of acres of pristine land rich in oil and other resources, and a major tourist destination.

However, the entire Alaska region now is a vivid scene of deteriorating climate change thru its fast-melting glaciers. At some of the places, the climate change effects are so remarkable that if one goes there in one summer, and revisit them next summer, the whole landscapes are remarkably different. I experienced it at Tracy Arm fjord near Juneau, the capital city of the state, a few years ago in a repeat Alaska cruise holidays.

No-more Interest!

Some news from South of the border do not interest me anymore:
1.Trump rhetorics (senseless)
2. Gun violence (American culture)
3. US-China trade talks (drag-on)
4. The US-Iran verbal war (stale)
5. Mueller report (waste material for archives)
6. The Trump wall (Humpty Dumpty)
Promod Puri

In Business World Right Is Moving towards Left

“A new kind of capitalism seems to be emerging, one in which companies value communities, the environment, and workers just as much as profits,” according to Prof. Elizabeth Schmidt of the University of Massachusetts writing in The Conversation.

Till now, it has been “shareholder capitalism,” where the only reason to run an enterprise to seek profits. However, in the last decade or so there has been tremendous ‘rebellion’ by consumers, Left-inclined workers, and environmentally-conscious investors to change the profit focus behavior in the corporate world.

The social and environmental commitments seem to be the emerging culture in the conduct of businesses as that seem to be the new routes to ultimate success and profitability.

Laurence Fink, founder, and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, says: “To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society,” reports Prof. Schmidt.

-By Promod Puri


In the abundant rally of summer fruits, watermelon is the heavyweight champion. The green globe occupies its own majestic space in separate and more significant bins apart from the rest of the babies in comparison. Its real value lies in the sweet and ninety percent watery pulp. It is the delight of summer and pride of picnics. Being high in nutrients, doctors recommend watermelon as it lowers BP. In fact, the king of fruits is soaked in nutrients. It is loaded with lycopene, the antioxidant, which is said to control cancer and diabetes, according to WebMD. The selection of watermelon, which has red and sweet pulp, has always been a big question mark. Does knocking on its thick outer surface and feeling the hollow sound from inside help. Maybe!
-Promod Puri

9.5% Chance Of Human Extinction in 2100:

It’s not just hydrogen bombs pushing us closer to oblivion, it’s climate change and the threat of ecological collapse. Researchers now estimate the likelihood of human extinction by 2100 at 9.5%.
2050: Estimated year civilization could collapse due to climate change, according to an Australian think tank.
What To Do:
For humans to fully address climate change will demand a World War-scale effort to remake energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and transportation systems.
-Quartz on climate Eschatology.

Unlike Humans, Gods Don’t Die, Otherwise, Who Will Manage Or Mismanage The Affairs Of This Universe And Beyond.


Marxism, Communism, Capitalism, theism, atheism, religious doctrines, and most other disciplines when offered as a prescription, formulated or no-questions-asked models to establish religious, social, and political systems, then these very ideologies lose their basic messages.
Mindset fanatic attitude or behavior is installed. And that results in creating roadblocks or deadends to free thinking.
-Promod Puri


Yoga and meditation are mostly practiced by the middle/upper class. The impoverished and deprived members of society in the daily grind cannot spare their frail health and meager income to indulge in these physical and tranquil activities.

A Rationalist’s Open window

I’m Not A Leftist,

Rightist or Centerist,

But A Rationalist,

Open To All Of Them.

-Promod Puri

Seeking more knowledge about oneself is self-tracking.

What’s Hinduism

Ignoring its ritualistic aspects, Hinduism truly is a “union of reason & intuition.”

Nature of Possibility

Today’s problem can be a solution to tomorrow’s problem.

While today’s solution can generate a problem for tomorrow.

It is the uncertain, but logical nature of possibility.

-Promod Puri


One believes that his or her religion or faith is right. Or for that matter, an atheist believing the same. It is all a matter of one’s vision of belief. And this is where some flexibility is needed for evolution in perception, so the belief does not become permanently fixed.
-Promod Puri

A 9-point Agenda For PM Modi To save India’s Democracy

1. Restore confidence in the judiciary
2. Restore confidence in the Election Commission
3. Restore the independence of media
4. Restore the independence of the Reserve Bank of India
5. Restore the supremacy of the country’s constitution
6. Restore the credibility of the department of statistics
7. Control fanatic bhagats lynching and terrorizing minorities,
killing and threatening dissidents, writers, and journalists.
8. Remove the atmosphere of fear and vengeance.
9. Keep Hinduism intact, being damaged by Hindutva zealots.

Pride in a democracy lies not being largest but in its creditable functioning.


Kachi kali si nazuk dil mera ….koi sungh ke ainwen marhorh giya..jeeonda rave oh ji sadke ve jehrha laake mohabattan torh (12)

This super hit Punjabi song from film Koday Shah (1953) has been one of my most favorites for a long time. The music by talented Sardul Kwatra is superb. I met Mr. Kwatra many years ago during one of his musical shows in Vancouver. When I praised him for his excellence in composing the music for Koday Shah, he humbly accepted the compliments. The song brilliantly sung by Shamshad Begum was also his favorite. Penned by Verma Malik, the lyrics’ beauty lies in its blessing expression from a deserted lover. She expresses her innocence,” kachi kali si nazuk dil mera” as well as a soft complaint, “koi sungh ke ainwen marhorh giya”, and despite her hurt feelings she voiced her grace “jeeonda rave oh ji sadke ve jehrha laake mohabattan torh giya.” Enjoy the song, you will love it:

-Promod Puri

Sahir Ludhianvi’s Romantic Poetry…pyar par bas to nahin hai—

Sahir Ludhianvi in his romantic mood penned this beautiful composition adorned with equal passion by Talat Mehmood and Asha Bhonsle in the film Sone Ki Chidiyya (1958). Asha Bhonsle did not say a word in the Song, but Music director O.P. Nayyar used her voice as soft ‘alaap’ enhancing the feelings of the poet.

Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin fir bhi
Tu bata de ki tujhe pyaar karun ya na karun

Mere khwaabon ke jharokon ko sajaanewaali
Tere khwaabon men kahin mera guzar hai ke nahin
Puchhakar apani nigaahon se bata de mujhako
Meri raaton ke mukddar men sahar hai ke nahin

Kahin aisa n ho paanw mere tharra jaaen
Aur teri maramari baanhon ka sahaara n mile
Ashk bahate rahen khaamosh siyaah raaton men
Aur tere reshami anchal ka kinaara n mile.

Monkey Show of Goswami

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup

The picture is deceiving, but this guy, with his glasses and intellectual look, was the most aggressive host I have ever seen on TV. The name I was told while watching the India election coverage with friends, is Arnab Goswami of Republic TV. I could digest the outpouring of results in favor of Modi and his party, but Goswami was totally barbaric in his language and actions. It was a monkey show with verbal diarrhea, Goswami was clapping, raising arms, jumping off and walking away from his seat. First, I took it as side entertainment, but later it became totally disgusting. Many times, I felt as he would break the TV screen and jump straight on me if any comment which did not please him. We could change the channel, but it seemed our host had little choice.

-Promod Puri


”WIN GUARANTEED”: Worldwide Demand for India’s EVMs!😊😊


Do we have to blame a nation or nations in their respective share of initiating a war rather than the individuals responsible for their calling to strike the fire? Historically, we blame the nations and forget the leaders or rulers in their war orders.

Sahir Ludhianvi in a different mood

Sahir Ludhianvi in his romantic mood penned this beautiful composition adorned with equal passion by Talat Mehmood and Asha Bhonsle in the film Sone Ki Chidiyya (1958). Asha Bhonsle did not say a word in the Song, but Music director O.P. Nayyar used her voice as soft ‘alaap’ enhancing the feelings of the poet.

Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin fir bhi
Tu bata de ki tujhe pyaar karun ya na karun

Mere khwaabon ke jharokon ko sajaanewaali
Tere khwaabon men kahin mera guzar hai ke nahin
Puchhakar apani nigaahon se bata de mujhako
Meri raaton ke mukddar men sahar hai ke nahin

Kahin aisa n ho paanw mere tharra jaaen
Aur teri maramari baanhon ka sahaara n mile
Ashk bahate rahen khaamosh siyaah raaton men
Aur tere reshami anchal ka kinaara n mile.

Intellectual humility helps to explore wrongs in mindset views.

Earth Day Message

Work Less,

Earn Less,

Spend less, And

Save The Earth.

– by Promod Puri


Sometimes it is ok to complain (shikva) to God, Otherwise, it may be monotonous for Him/Her if loaded with “thank you” all the time. Oh aasman wale shikva hai zindagi ka/ film Anarkali.

Reform In World religions

An integrated approach is needed to reform most of the world religions in which all the sciences and disciplines like physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc., etc. along with computer sciences help in the ethical and rational understanding of religious orders including their cleansing. This review is now due.

-Promod Puri


Punjabis have a great sense of humor. And the people from both sides of the border between India and Pakistan share this personality trait as the blood in their veins.

Recently while watching a TV talk show from Lahore, on the serious issue of donkey meat being sold as goat or beef in the country, I couldn’t stop laughing at the remarks of a comedian host joking around this issue as well. Here is how it goes…

After having a delicious meal of Lahori kebobs in a restaurant, the comedian realized that the serving could be made from pure donkey meat. And when it came time to pay the bill, he told the waiter that he did not have the money. He offered instead that he could put some load on his back to carry around. The waiter, being surprised at this unusual offer, said he could not do that. Then came the second offer from the comedian “Ok, since I ate the donkey meat, you can whip me with a cane.”

Keep up the sense of humor Punjabis on both sides of the border. God knows we all need a good laugh these days be it from India or Pakistan.

-by Rita Puri with contribution from Adarsh Sethi.


It was the most stupid decision Britishers made in its recent history to leave the European Union, and in which many among the whiter than the white immigrants joining the xenophobic racists.

The nation is now stuck in the limbo as it cannot go back, and it can’t move forward. In the meantime, many multi-nationals are leaving the country and the small to medium industries are suffering.

Down the road jobs will be lost by those who wanted to save them from immigrants. Social programs will be affected, as immigrants were allegedly been robbing the country of those benefits.

Here in Canada, many among those who once lived in England are still receiving the old-age and other benefits from the UK government while critical about giving such benefits to the new immigrants in their old country.

The shoe does not hurt them even it pinches.

Promod Puri

David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

It is a case of compromising with ethics and risking his own reputation for the sake of securing a good future for his sons.

This could be a sacrifice for the kids, but the laws are blind when decorated businessman and celebrated donor to the University of British Columbia, David Sidoo was arrested in the United States last Friday.

The alleged charge is that Sidoo paid $100,000 in 2011 to have one individual to take the qualifying test in place of his older son for admission to a California University. The scheme worked, and the son got the required marks to the admission.

In another US Justice Dept. indictment, Sidoo paid $100,000 for his younger son to obtain the qualifying score in the US universities.

These are all allegations, with the presumption of his being innocent.

The case confronts with the situation where morality or ethically-wrong- doing poses a dilemma for the father who likes any other parent would do anything for their kids’ future.

But since he is caught, the long arms of the laws have made David Sidoo, a sacrificial lamb.

-by Promod Puri





What Happened When India Became A Republic


India adopted its own constitution on January 26, 1950, and became a republic. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the law minister who was the principal author of the nation’s constitution. Among the most significant features of the constitution was declaring untouchability unlawful.

“After centuries of hitherto unchallenged and illegal authority relating to human rights violations, Manusmriti in terms of laws of India became illegal overnight.

“Under Manu’s dictum, the denial of intermarriage between different castes helped the caste system to gain its footing and fortify the social composition he envisioned. His optics resulted in an altogether new culture in the society which dehumanizes Shudras and Untouchables, deprived women of their basic freedoms and empowerments.”


Excerpt from Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs, and traditions.


Why the political Left must always support the dictatorial and one-man authoritarian regimes with the bogus tags of being socialist.

This time it is Venezuela where the fraudulent dictator Nicolas Maduro is ruling the nation with the same style as his predecessor Hugo Chavez. Simply because of another aspirant to the presidency has been approved by the “capitalist” USA?

In the meantime, the so-called socialist rule under Madura has put Venezuela under severe economic conditions where the very basic necessities of life are hard to get and buy. The law and order in the country are worst, the garbage is piling up, and the people are desperately trying to get out seeking asylum in the neighboring countries or even to the United States.

On what ground the Leftists are supporting the dictatorships of Venezuela?

-Promod Puri

Anarkali Offers Most Melodious Songs

mv5bodzlmmi1odktnzq3os00ntjmlwfknmytoddjmgu1zjnkndu1xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynduzotq5mjy@._v1_ux182_cr0,0,182,268_al_anarkaliAnarkali (1953) offers a bonanza of most melodious songs with superb poetic depths.

C. Ramchandra composed tuneful and forever popular music of the film. A maestro in musical compositions, he liberally delivered his art in Anarkali.

It was one of the very few films in which all the songs, without exception, were hit numbers for years and years. Even today listening to Anarkali songs offers delightful engagement both in its lyrical reflections and serene music.

These songs  will always remain as crafted jewels with everlasting brilliance:

Ye zindagi usiki hai, Aaja ab to aaja, Mujhse mat poochh, Dua kar gham-e-dil, Jaag dard-e-ishq jaag, Mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai, Zindagi pyar ki do char ghadi, O aasman wale shikva hai zindagi ka (I love the lyrics of ‘shikva’ meaning complaining to god), Ae baad e saba zara ahista chal and Mohabbat mein aise kadam dagamagae.

Read more and enjoy the songs by clicking the link:

Story Behind Lohri Song Dulla Bhatti Wala, Ho…

Lohri is a traditional Punjabi festival of pure secular nature. It is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians.

January 13th every year is the marked date for the festival in both India and Pakistan’s Punjab regions, and all over the world where Punjabis are settled.

They say it is a celebration to mark the end of harsh winters of the region. But there is folklore linked to the popular Lohri song Dulla Bhatti Wala Ho….

It is “a legend of Dulla Bhatti, whose real name was Abdullah Bhatti and lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Dulla Bhatti was regarded as a hero in Punjab, for rescuing Hindu girls from being forcibly taken to be sold in the slave market of the Middle East. Amongst those he saved were two girls Sundri and Mundri, who gradually became a theme of the Punjab folklore.” -Source Wikipedia.

-Promod Puri


Addiction to being right is a

commitment to mindset views.

-Promod Puri



Some people are addicted to being

right, all the time.

-Promod Puri

January 1st Should Be Declared Broken Promise Day:😃😃

Happy New Year, and along with it comes to my annual ritualistic list of do’s and don’ts.

Over the years I, and I’m sure most of us, must have made hundreds of New Year resolutions. And if a fraction of them had been accomplished all these resolutions would have created a revolution in our lives. But it has never happened. We prepare a fresh list with some new promises along with the leftover from the previous years’ lot.

In any case, the first day of the year is the right beginning to launch our consented commitments. And for that reason, like Friends Day, Lights Off Day, etcetera, January 1st should be declared the Broken-promise Day.

This would be the day when not only we make resolutions individually, but we can seek promises from our politicians, or remind them the pledges they made the previous year or the years before.

But as the saying goes promises are meant to be broken, and politicians are experts in that tradition. After all politics and promises are synonymously related especially when the later is broken, which is often the case.

Still, the idea of Broken-promise Day on January 1st can be very promising, and I think the date is still vacant or unfilled for its declaration.

By Promod Puri

New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks

While most of us are getting into the joyous mood of New Year eve celebrations in the company of friends and families, some folks are lonely and ending the last few hours of 2018 just being alone.

In the company of their own self, they are away from society, families, and friends in the confines of their situations. Loneliness is not just being physically apart, it can be an emotional state as well.

Fortunately, those who are alone they have company in the tech world of today. Thru the internet and many other gadgets, people are connected all the time worldwide. The latest toy is from Amazon’s where Alexa gives a friendly company with questions from you and her spontaneous answers on topics and queries of both sensible and weird choices.

Home alone with lonely feelings maybe not an issue for many. But there are still those poor souls, not that tech-savvy or forced by their circumstances, who will just let the year slip by and seek hope in the New Year.

Promod Puri

Over 56% of Calgarians voted against hosting ’26 Winter Olympics

Over 56% of Calgarians have voted against hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics in a recent poll conducted by the City.

Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics, are elite sports only the rich nations can adequately participate in them hauling most of the medals and at the cost of enormous expense involved in building the facilities. There are other urgent needs where funds are desperately needed for the welfare of the entire society rather than a few athletes and corrupt builders. In that respect, Calgary’s “No” to the 2026 Winter Olympics is a wise choice.

Olympics are highly competitive international sports. For the participating nations, a colossal amount of money and resources are involved in getting into the Olympic fields. Only the wealthy countries can afford the technicalities, related expensive clothing, and gears required to compete effectively in the games. For that reason, these nations pick up the most of the golds, silvers, and bronzes. The rest of the bottom line nations go home with very few medals or none at all. But at the vast cost of just participating. Let the rich countries play among themselves in the Olympics, whereas, the poor and the so-called developing nations spend their limited funds in building more and better sports facilities for the vast majority of their youth population.

Celebration of light

Diwali, the celebration of light
In this light there is hope.

Diwali, the celebration of sharing
In this sharing there is caring.

Diwali, the celebration of love
In this love, there is compassion.

Diwali, the celebration of faith
In this faith, there is bliss.


“Muslims are savage.” And that is the unrealistic image many non-Muslims have worldwide. Muslims rulers in the Arab countries led by Saudi rogue autocrats are the ones who are mainly responsible for creating this misleading impression. In this age of social media, when news spreads very fast, the brutalities and killings in their kingdoms and arranged murders elsewhere, as has happened with Jamal Khashoggi recently, the savage impression of Muslims is established and widely generalized. Brutal Muslims rulers must be contained. Their behavior tarnishes the image of Muslims being humane and peaceful people. It is for that reason human rights must take precedence over tempting arms sales to these cruel and barbarian regimes.
Promod Puri


As Halloween is approaching October 31, I would say that the most abused and wasted vegetable of the season is the most gigantic and nutritive pumpkin.

As these are left out in the chill of autumn nights, pumpkins rot and finally dumped.

Is that his or her karma carved by custom and tradition!

-Promod Puri




Democracy should operate like traffic lights with controlling signals assuring the equal right of way and smooth flow of all the traffic including pedestrians.

-Promod Puri


by Promod Puri

Surya Devta or Sun god enjoys a unique status in Hindu iconography as the visible divine personality emerging from the horizon every day.

But when it is not seen because of rain or cloudy sky, a devotee can learn from the devoutness of sunflower towards the Sun.sunflower 2

Sunflower is a true devotee of Sun God. Rain or shine sunflower always follows its God in the direction it moves in the celestial circle.

Sun’s celestial arrival frees a devotee from ritualistic customs or caste-based barricades and taboos to have an independent face to face obeisance and worship. The sun god is approachable without any medium.

The Sun’s universal distribution of light and energy has been recognized since Vedic time as the ultimate source of life, the cause of our existence and the environment it nourishes.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, light and energy occupy fundamental ranking in the Hindu faith. And the Sun is the spirited and analogous force in this numinous discernment. Light and energy are the divine elements to lead us to the path of knowledge, reality, and truth. The Gayatri mantra predicates the divinity of light and energy.

The life and soul of the universe are the Sun.

(Photo credit: Ashok Bhargava)



The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11

It is 9/11 today. The anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001.

9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria.

9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s happen several times a year on the American soil too.

They say terrorists carry 9/11s. True.

Regimes are also major players in developing, creating and executing 9/11s. It is a symptom and cause theory as Obama says in a different context.

The symptoms are the frequent 9/11s of different magnitudes. And the cause is the situations created by both the rogue and the so-called civilized governing powers.

9/11 is more than an anniversary date. It is happening all over the world every day.

It is time to identify the cause of 9/11. We very well know its symptoms.

-by Promod Puri


Religion basically is just a vehicle for delivering goods of spirituality, ethics, and morality. If the vehicle fails to deliver the desired goods or it is loaded with unethical and immoral junk by its operators, the recipient can refuse to accept that delivery. And rightfully seek another vehicle which only delivers the good stuff.
In his apostasy, this is what social reformist and anti-caste crusader Dr.Bhumirao Ramji Ambedkar did.

-by Promod Puri

Back Lane Environmentalists

My salutation goes to those poor and destitute trash collectors who carry shopping carts or plastic bags collecting refundable empty beer, liquor, soda bottles, cans and juice containers while picking up the litter for a cleaner environment.
Monday is our garbage, compost and recycling pick up day.
The back lane becomes a goldmine. It has more foot traffic for collectors. The empties are the gold. These are dug out from garbage containers and blue boxes. And the booties are loaded in wobbling shopping carts or carried in tattered bags.
How much one can collect depends on how much the previous collector could not pick up. The exploration continues until the big trucks haul everything away.
The recycling is a bonanza for the street environmentalists. And Monday is their day to earn few extra coins.

Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Soon names of streets, airports, schools, colleges and universities and other institutions in India will be dotted with the name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee by the BJP government, just like Congress did for Rajiv Gandhi.

In the public eye, both leave a legacy of being gentleman-politicians.

But for both them, their legacy also includes inciting and supporting the most heinous crimes against humanity. Rajiv Gandhi for being responsible for the carnage against Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of northern India. And Vajpayee for the anti-Muslim riots following the demolition of Babri Masjid and in Godhra, Gujarat.


“Forgive and forget” is a popular simple lecture or preaching which is easy to give but hard to follow.

For our own peace of mind, we may accept and attempt to follow the forgive-and-forget doctrine and move on with our lives.

However, the hurt feelings take time to heal in our reconciliation effort.

One can forgive. But forgetting can’t go away just by our wish.

The latter is influenced by the biology of our memory.

Whereas, forgetting involves our brain cells to evacuate an offensive infliction, forgiving needs to absorb in an expanded big heart.

Forgiving can be possible while forgetting may or maybe not.

-By Promod Puri


Fidel Castro, the hero of the Communist-socialist world of the Leftists, was born 92 years ago on August 13,1926.

The 1959 Fidel Castro’s armed political revolt had a utopian communist promise of prosperity for Cubans. With massive Russian aid, the country survived in meeting the basic needs of its people, and that included Cuba’s pride declaration of free education and the “best” medical system in the world.

The dictatorial regime of 60 years of Castro did not turn the political revolt into an economic revolution. Moreover, typical of authoritarian and Communist regimes freedom of speech and expression were and still being curtailed. Since the early 60s, a generation has been fed on leftist ideologies. A mindset attitude has been created with the egoistic attitude that its political ideology is better than capitalism.

That is the true legacy of Castro apart from popularizing his favorite drink of Mojito, a refreshing cocktail of rum and fresh mint leaves.

-Promod Puri


The acceptance or rejection of any thought, idea or comment by Leftists and Rightists is more based on their ideological commitment rather than logic, rationale or good sense. That is called fanaticism.

If one has understood God thru rituals and customs, then what has been understood is not God.


The struggling democracy in Pakistan which marked the second consecutive transfer of power thru recent ballot is, in reality, more secure and solid than believed otherwise because of its built-in autonomous features.

In 2010 Pakistan parliament, to enhance the country’s democratic choice has given its four provinces more local powers in tackling their regional issues. In areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, and many other local matters affecting the daily lives of people, Pakistan’s central government does not dictate or interfere in formulating provincial policies and governance.

In its autonomous structure for its provinces lies the democratic strength of Pakistan.

-By Promod Puri


Judiciary, election commission, media, and statistics are the four pillars of democracy which keep it authoritative, functional, dynamic, and accountable. If any or all these institutions are damaged, corrupted, compromised or abused, democracy becomes meaningless or even collapses.

The case under observation is democracy in India.

-Promod Puri


GDP, annual gross domestic product, is the sum of all the goods and services produced by a nation. It numerically indicates the economic growth of a country. But GDP numbers can be manipulated, especially in controlled socialist regimes and by so-called democratic governments across the globe.

Besides vulnerable of being corrupted by the deceiving governments, GDP is a flawed measurement to present the true picture of a nation. After all, the economy is not the only valuable indicator of how a nation is doing. There are equally other factors such as inequality, well-being, happiness, and environment, which are important as well for the overall development of a nation.

For that reason, GDP is now considered an outdated measurement which needs to be replaced by UN-supported indicators which include other factors besides the economy. These factors also include poverty, wealth inequality, public debt, etc. Also, to be considered the value of services provided by social media and the digital goods and services like Wikipedia.

GDP needs not be a single number.

by Promod Puri


The big environmental cheering is that Starbucks plans to discard the use of plastic straws globally by 2020.

Perhaps, the time-frame of two years is needed so the customers can learn or simply de-habituate themselves to enjoy Starbucks cold beverages without straws.

Straws for drinking purposes are certainly a big environmental wastage. They are part of the eight million plastic tons of new plastic entering our oceans every year and stays there. If the trend continues, it is estimated that in 32 years from now oceans will contain more plastic than fish.

Drinking thru a straw has never been a habit nor fascination for me. I always considered it an elite usage, which is not natural and a pure wastage because of its one-time use only.

Drinking without a straw has its own pleasure. Straw delays the taste. Perhaps Starbucks has realized it too.

-by Promod Puri

No Land Title Cause of Poverty Worldwide

Across the world, land registries are inefficient and unreliable – or even downright corrupt. In Honduras, some government officials altered the country’s land ownership database, stealing property for themselves – including beachfront getaways.

In many African countries, more than 90 percent of rural land is not registered. In Ghana, 78 percent of land is unregistered, and the country’s courts have a long backlog of land dispute cases.

In India, millions of rural families lack legal ownership of the land they live and work on. The lack of secure land ownership is a bigger cause of poverty in the country than the caste system or a high illiteracy rate. -Source: Conversation


Before goons and fanatics (using the word Hindu for them disgraces my sacred religion) demolish another mosque or church, they can go and bulldoze the Kathua temple, a disgraced structure now, and a symbol of national shame and stigma.

Till now it was a place of reverence and tranquility. But the temple’s sanctity and divinity were grounded by its very custodian, the caretaker priest and his accomplices in the vicious and disgusting acts of rape and murder of just eight-year-old girl within its premises. That too, right in the presence of murtis of Hindu goddesses from whom they seek morality and virtues in their ritualistic performances.

How a devout Kathua Hindu pass by that street or let alone enter the disgraced building which was once an abode of God and a space for personal invocation.

-By Promod Puri, Author Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions. Editor



India’s Pride And Shame

When India wins gold, silver or bronze by some participants at the Commonwealth Games it becomes a collective pride for the country. And when rapes followed by murders of the rape victims are committed by few beastly members of the society including characterless politicians then these cases are not accepted as collective shame for the nation. –Promod Puri


“Utopias are idealized visions of a perfect society. Utopianisms are those ideas put into practice.This is where the trouble begins.” This is called dystopia. Writes Michael Shermer Publisher, Skeptic magazine. “Dystopias are failed social experiments, repressive political regimes, and overbearing economic systems that result from utopian dreams put into practice.”

Redesigning Political & Economic Systems

Redesigning of our political and economic systems based on changing social needs as well as our ethical and environmental commitments will be more viable, responsive and revered than the outdated, impractical and utopian Socialist idealism, and greedy Capitalism. The contemporary world society seeks that the idiosyncrasy of the present sociopolitical Left and the Right cultures should be replaced by a new political and economic ideology. An integrated approach is needed where modern sciences, ethics, and environmental updates can be part of both the political and economic systems

-Promod Puri


Democratic freedoms breed authoritarianism. Consolidation of power, achieved through democratic means, is a tempting phenomenon when regimes are slowly being wrapped up in totalitarianism.

Nationalism is aroused, and the fear factor is introduced by scapegoating foreign enemies and targeting the minorities.

To streamline the influence of fear several practices and arrangements are mobilized. Judiciary, the intelligence agencies, the income tax department, the police forces, state-sponsored ‘terrorism,’ and the disciplined media are the channels to move democracy towards fascism.

It is a camouflaged and uneven process which the majority and middle class naively get adapted to acceptable disturbance to fake national security concerns.

However, the fear factor permeates into the culture of silence and apathy.

And this is where the authoritarianism survives as the next elections are corrupted too.

-By Promod Puri


Cuba is getting a new president on April 19, and for the first time in six decades, his last name will not be Castro.


Should Politics Be Separated From Religion?

“Politics and religion must be kept separate” is an acknowledged doctrine in secular and democratic-socialist systems. But there are elements in most religions that are liberal, secular, and democratic. For these reasons, politics can incorporate religion in its order, whereas religion can keep its sanctity if the “dirty politics” stay out of it.

It is a fact that the laws of the land with their universal application have been constituted from religious teachings to institute political ideologies.

Barack Obama cites that “The Majority of great reformers in American history were not only motivated by faith but repeatedly used religious language to argue for their cause”.
In his political activism, Rev. Martin Luther King advocated “that the spiritual practices of prayer and worship must be translated into concern for the poor and vulnerable”.
He urged fellow Americans “Work to defeat racism, speak out in principled opposition to war and combat poverty with enlightened and compassionate public policy.” Read the complete article

Mega-Havan: What A Nonsense

-Promod Puri, author Hinduism Beyond Rituals,Customs And Traditions

God And Religion Of Stephen Hawkins

Physically-challenged Stephen Hawking’s mind explored the cosmos, and from where he got a clear picture of how the universe came into existence. In this quest, he could not find the god commonly believed to be up there and responsible for this creation.
However, as a physicist, he found his god in his dedicated daily karmas (works) in the astronomical objects that are too massive and dark to be anything but “black holes” of bottomless pits, and in the Quantum theory explaining the universe at the subatomic depths.
His God was in his thoughts and works which is more meaningful and practical than the ritualistic and blind faith which have been created by most of our religious orders.
His progressive and scientific religious thoughts expressed thru his devotional investigations are not realized and recognized yet.

-By Promod Puri

Cavities In Cuban Communism

Cuba has one of the lowest rates of internet usage in the Western Hemisphere, and access to media is strictly restricted—but that doesn’t stop Cubans from watching Game of Thrones. Their secret is El Paquete Semanal (“The Weekly Packet”), a clandestine in-person file-sharing network that distributes hard drives and flash drives full of media.

Nobody quite knows how El Paquete, which has thrived since the mid-2000s, is created or how it makes its way across the country every week.


Stephen Hawking’s God & His Dharma

For most of us we have a mindset personified image of God. And that is what Hawkins rejected. His God resided in his rational thinking and dedicated research which was in the cosmos world and beyond. For that reason he knew more about God than the god most of us perceive. His God was in his thoughts and works or karma, not in a ritualistic religious place. It is wrong to say that Hawkins was not a religious person. His karma was his dharma.

-Promod Puri

Power Of Now Is Powerless Without Past & Future

Past, present, and future are interlinked, and complimenting to each other with indelible events, experiences, karmas, and imaginations. The act of managing the future involves gathering and distilling the right information from the archives of the past within the time span of the present.

The independence of “now” does not exist.

Understanding and embracing the “power of now” are in fact related to past and future moments. Any expression of the “now” moment like, “I am very happy and enjoying myself,” is compared to the past or future moments.

The comparison or contrast with past or future moments gives “now” its valuation.

-Promod Puri
Pl. read the full article “Past,Present And Future” in the

How the flu works its way into Our body

-Laura Haynes, Prof. of Immunology, University of Connecticut

Influenza virus causes an infection in the respiratory tract, or nose, throat and lungs. The virus is inhaled or transmitted, usually via your fingers, to the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose or eyes. It then travels down the respiratory tract and binds to epithelial cells lining the lung airways via specific molecules on the cell surface. Once inside the cells, the virus hijacks the protein manufacturing machinery of the cell to generate its own viral proteins and create more viral particles. Once mature viral particles are produced, they are released from the cell and can then go on to invade adjacent cells. (Courtesy The Conversation)




The Jaspal Atwal controversy relating to prime minister Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to India, in reality, is indeed a non-issue from the very beginning. It was in fact created by the Canadian media, led by the CBC. There are three reasons for its generation and development:

1. The Canadian media is sensational,
2. The Canadian media is racist,
3. The Canadian media is immature.

As a result, the prime minister and his accompanying Liberal MPs were caught up in a web of their own political naivety. Moreover, the entire Canadian Sikh community has been brought into focus, and the Khalistan issue is reignited.

If Justin Trudeau would have handled the Atwal controversy as a mature and courageous leader he could have told the media and his critics, “so what, yes, we invited Atwal because he acknowledged his crime, completed the jail term, has not committed any more crime, he like many reformed ex-criminals, has every right to be accepted back into the society, and that he is not an outcast for the rest of his life”.

But it did not occur to Trudeau and his advisors.

While the Canadian media does not realize its ethical responsibility, the communication pundits teaching journalism in Canadian educational institutions are silent to express their expert opinion.

-Promod Puri


This is a question which seeks an answer from a moral or ethical perspective.

A person attempts to commit a terrible crime but fails in his or her mission. The individual, however, is apprehended, charged and while accepting graveness of the criminality, is punished with a jail sentence. After completing the required period of the jail term with proper behavior certification, the person moves back to society and starts his or her life afresh as a good citizen.

Does society have the moral conviction to treat the person as an outcast for the rest of his or her life?

-Promod Puri


Silence is not golden…

Silence is not golden by the ruling leadership when it is strategically used to carry an evil agenda in running the affairs of a country. Especially, when the motive is to impose an ideology of both political and religious nature with dictatorial objectives.

Introduction of Hinduism In America

The American public formally learned about Hinduism was through the World’s Parliament of Religions, a gathering of practitioners of different faith traditions, which took place in Chicago in 1893. It was at that time when the American public first saw and heard people from “Eastern” religions, including Hindus and Buddhists, on their own soil.

Vivekananda, a young monk representing Hinduism famously began his speech hailing his hosts as “brothers and sisters of America.” It was most unusual for an Indian monk to embrace the audience as a single family, at a time when societies were segregated and racial superiority was an accepted part of life. Vivekananda received a standing ovation. The appreciation continued as he journeyed through America after the talk.


Professor of Religion, University of Florida

The Conversation

An Era Of Silence


On the issue of  Padmavati the media is silent, politidownload (6)cians are silent, intellectuals, writers, academicians are silent, the middle class is silent, film industry and film stars are silent, everybody is silent. Because democracy in India is being silenced.

Trudeau Seriously Working To End Myanmar Refugee Crisis


Hats off to Justin Trudeau to have a face-to-face meeting in Vietnam with Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi who is also an honorary Canadian citizen regarding the huge refugee crisis resulting in over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims forced out of their country into B’desh. Trudeau is perhaps the only world leader who is taking up a leading and serious role to address the issue. He has appointed Bob Rae, a former MP, as a special envoy, to help Canada in resolving this humanitarian crisis.

From meditation to militancy is the new version of Buddhism in Myanmar


“She was the same age as my daughter, 11 years old, We did not notice her there. She was sitting in the dark, sitting quietly, crying.
My heart stopped for a moment.
The girl listened as her mother described how her husband was murdered by Myanmar military forces, how their home was set on fire, and how she was later raped by several men multiple times.
It was likely the girl was sexually abused as well.
I could not just forget that girl, because her tears were telling me lots of things.”
-Fozia Alvi, Calgary doctor at Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh.


In “Paradise” Their Greed And Ethics Exposed



What Queen Elizabeth, former Canadian prime ministers Mulroney, Chretien and Martin, U2 frontman Bono, singer Madonna and India’s most famous film star Amitabh Bachchan, and many other world’s known personalities have in common? The “Paradise” to “legally” hide their incomes and save taxes, but exposing their greed and throwing away their ethics.


Now that Halloween is over, I would say that the most abused and wasted
vegetable of the season is the most gigantic and nutritive pumpkin. Left out in the chill of autumn nights, most pumpkins rot, and finally dumped. Is that his or her karma carved by custom and tradition.


Brevity in expression is an art on Twitter, politicians excel in it to create distractions.