Doctors are among the most stressed and overworked professionals in the pandemic of ever-evolving Coronavirus pandemic.

In Canada, due to Covid-19, their job has been much more demanding, exacting, and exhausting.

The reason is simple; there are not enough doctors in the country for its growing population, which reached 38,324,144.

Canada does not supply enough doctors because the total number of medical schools in Canada is 17. Together they produce about 2815 doctors annually. The last medical school opened in 1967.

The number of doctors from Canadian medical schools is limited. These medical institutions are not expanding to offer more seats for fresh Canadian graduates. With rigid rules and regulations, the entry of foreign doctors is very much restricted.

The Canadian medical faculty has thus completely curbed the supply of doctors compared to the ever-increasing demand. As a result, the medical profession in Canada has become a controlled and somewhat monopolized business.

In the stressed-out and overworked environment, the medical community must open its doors wider because of the increasing demand. Canada needs many more medical doctors, including specialists, to look after its growing population.

It needs to open new medical colleges, increase the number of admissions in these institutions, and allow more qualified doctors from other countries.

-Promod Puri

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