There is an argument with a stereotyped conception that ethnic communities create ghetto formations and bring along old baggage while settling in Canada. And that they do not behave according to the antiquated adage “in Rome, you do as the Romans do.” Does ghettos’ creation encourage racism? Or the “old baggage” of ethnic identities from food to dress styles, language and even speaking English with an accent contribute to xenophobic hatred? Ghetto inceptions have been part of the ethnic pattern of settlements on the North American continent. Most major cities in the USA and even in Canada have Chinatowns, Italian, … Continue reading GHETTO FORMATIONS AND OLD BAGGAGE:


I heard our neighbours south of the border are now going to public places and leaving their masks at home. Well, if the wave continues, we on this side of the fence will catch the tide too as a mask-free or mask-option Canada. Despite its introduction a year and a few months ago, I have never been comfortable wearing the mask for more than ten to fifteen minutes. My compassionate feelings emanate from those full-time working people wearing the face-covering nine to five. No doubt, masks have been a weapon of mass protection against the soon-to-be defeated enemy, thanks to … Continue reading WHEN WILL WE BREATHE FRESH AND DIRECT WITHOUT A MASK?


by Promod Puri It is wrong to assume anti-Muslim hatred in Canada only exists on the fringes of the far right. It resides in pockets of the nation’s social, political, religious, and non-Muslim ethnic communities. In all the opinion polls during the past five years, there has been consistent bias against Muslims in Canada. Participants in these polls also include members of ethnic communities. They are part of the opinion polls. The negative views as revealed thru periodic polls suggest a xenophobic attitude by all Canadians towards Muslims. It creates the breeding ground for violence and tragedies like this week’s … Continue reading ANTI-MUSLIM SPREAD IN CANADA

CONSCIOUSNESS IMPACTS THE HUMAN MIND Consciousness is the most crucial aspect of our lives that certifies us to be living and fully aware of internal and external feelings and objects that we perceive and think. Our brains’ efficient neural machinery produces consciousness with internal awareness and external information we gather through our senses. Consciousness is a biological phenomenon with psychological implications. Consciousness impacts the functioning of the human mind and sets our behaviour. For that reason, studying the human mind’s functioning comes to be essential as how we treat our religious, social, and political messages the moment these are received … Continue reading

Is Modi a narcissist?

As we look at his personality behaviour, especially since he came on India’s national scene as prime minister, the signs are there. A narcissist, per its definition, gives oneself extreme self-importance to the extent of falling in love with own image and decorating with a more elaborate personal presentation than necessary. Modi does this the way he dresses with extra crown-like attraction on his head. Moreover, as we have heard, he changes his dresses several times a day. People with narcissist behaviour have an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for excessive attention, admiration, and troubled relationships. While … Continue reading Is Modi a narcissist?


Hosting summer or winter Olympics is not worth the trouble or the cost and the risks involved for a hosting country. Except for its entertaining value in presenting the opening and closing shows that are pretty creative, the Olympics otherwise are a mega display of acrobats in a sprawling gym. The Tokyo Summer Olympics, scheduled to open on July 23, is in jeopardy. Thanks to Corona’s worldwide pandemic. Countries are hesitant, participants are not excited, and public health experts are not down with their warning signs. Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases are not waning in Japan when only two percent of Japan’s … Continue reading END THE OLYMPICS FOREVER


Netanyahu says the bombing of Gaza will continue till “they get the message.” And “They,” the Hamas, is talking in the same tone with its missile barrage. The endless rounds of violence continue while the civilian population in Gaza faces carnage. There is no end to the horror and devastation, a repeat every few years. There is an asymmetrical balance of force between Israel and Hamas. The mode of thinking with the latter can beat the former with Iran-supplied military and monetary aid. But it will not happen, neither the finishing of Hamas, the de facto ruler of Gaza. A … Continue reading IS THERE ANY END TO THE ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT?

COVID in India: a tragedy with its roots in Narendra Modi’s leadership style

Nitasha Kaul, University of Westminster India has set an unenviable new world record. More than 348,421 new infections were recorded on May 12, and another 4,205 deaths. The death toll now stands at more than 254,000 people. It is widely thought that these numbers may even be vastly underestimated. Meanwhile, as the body count continued to rise exponentially, the Modi administration held a workshop on May 5 for hundreds of top officials on “effective communication”, where they were asked to “create a positive image of the government”. This included setting up a “positivity strategy” to deflect criticism of government-handling of … Continue reading COVID in India: a tragedy with its roots in Narendra Modi’s leadership style


He could never go back to his place of birth, the home of his childhood and youth years in the racial-mixed company of his friends: Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. Mr. Kundan Lal Bakshi always wished and prayed to visit, at least once, the warm and friendly town of Kotli in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir. To roam its streets, speak his mother tongue, Mirpuri, freely, and get the nostalgic feel of the neighbourhood where he grew up. The family moved to Jammu, and so did Mr. Bakshi during the horrific and deadly communal riots of 1947. The existing Line of Control bars … Continue reading HE COULD NEVER GO BACK TO PAKISTAN BUT MOTHER NATURE CARRIED HIS WISHES


Besides mass gatherings of people, like religious festivals, election rallies or cricket matches, as the super spreader of Corona and the Indian government’s insensitive handling of the pandemic, some inherent factors contribute to the catastrophe the nation is facing. 1. With a population of 1.4 billion, mostly living in minimal spaces, sanitation and social distances are the problems. 2. A vast majority of people are daily workers where the priority is to earn enough wages to buy food for the day rather than being concerned for the social safety net. 3. There is an embedded myth that poor hygiene trains … Continue reading SOME BASIC REASONS WHY CORONA PLAYING HAVOC IN INDIA


Women grow as much as 80% of India’s food – but its new farm laws overlook their struggles Bansari Kamdar, University of Massachusetts Boston and Shreyasee Das, Temple University Indian women are left behind on farms to make ends meet as more men in India migrate from rural areas to cities, seeking higher incomes and better jobs. Nearly 75% of the full-time workers on Indian farms are women, according to the international humanitarian group OXFAM. Female farmers produce 60% to 80% of the South Asian country’s food. So it’s little surprise women are playing a visible role in the monthslong … Continue reading WHY WOMEN ACTIVE IN PROTEST


By Promod Puri World Wide Web originally meant creating a free connected web of interlinked or hyperlinked online sites worldwide. That was the idea of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man who drove the concept of online connectivity in 1989. Shared information is created, consumed, commented, spread and recreated while keeping its growth and spread with speed. That is the environment we breathe in the community of social media. It is a “two-way, conversational environment in which information passes horizontally from one person to another along with social networks, rather than being delivered vertically from an impersonal central source,” according to … Continue reading INTERNET AND FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION FACE HURDLES IN DICTATORIAL TERRITORIES


When the ongoing tragedies of human sufferings do not get A line in the poetry of poets, A page in the writings of writers, A stroke of the brush in the paintings of painters, A focus in the meditation of meditators, A stay in the minds of yoga practitioners, A reflection of a sermon of a priest, A statement from the film world’s bigwigs And all others mum and mute while the human catastrophes pass by With the apathetic and callous remark “This is all politics.” -Promod Puri Continue reading IT DOES INTRIGUE ME!

All About Hinduism

by Promod Puri Why are there so many gods and goddesses in Hinduism? Why worship an idol? Is going to the temple mandatory in the faith? What impact does the caste system have on Hindu society? Why do some rituals make perfect sense while others are so vague? What are the secular and diverse characters in Hinduism? What physics principles constitute the sound of Om? What are karma and its role in our day-to-day lives? These and more subjects are eloquently dealt with in my book titled “Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs and traditions.” The 122-page book on Hinduism written in … Continue reading All About Hinduism


by Promod Puri Is it a crime not to have citizenship? Or more precisely, having no formal documents to prove one’s identity of being a citizen of the country where one was born and lived. Yes, it is indeed a crime for thousands of poor and needy Muslims in Assam who are not the “citizens” of India because they do not possess the documents. Several thousand of them classified in Assam state as non-citizens for lack of proper citizenship documentation or essential references by various government agencies. When getting into the National Register of Citizenship net, these are the people … Continue reading THOUSANDS OF ASSAM MUSLIMS ARE STATELESS

Farmers Following Gandhi’s Message Of Satyagraha

Why Indian farmers’ protests are being called a ‘satyagraha’ – which means ’embracing the truth’ Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University For the past few months, farmers protesting in India’s capital, New Delhi, have been demanding the repeal of three farm laws that were passed last year. These largely peaceful protests have been referred to as a “satyagraha” by many in the Indian media, politicians and activists. As a political scientist who writes on Indian politics and society, I argue that the choice of this word, which means “embracing the truth,” is important to note. It evokes a long political history that … Continue reading Farmers Following Gandhi’s Message Of Satyagraha

‘The Mauritanian’ rekindles debate over Gitmo detainees’ torture – with 40 still held there

Lisa Hajjar, University of California Santa Barbara “The Mauritanian,” directed by Kevin Macdonald, is the first feature film to dramatize how the war on terror became a war in court. As a sociologist of law and a journalist, I have spent the past two decades researching and writing about the kinds of legal battles the film accurately portrays. My research has included 13 trips to observe military commission trials at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The film stars Tahar Rahim as a Mauritanian named Mohamedou Ould Slahi who is captured and held at the Guantanamo detention center, … Continue reading ‘The Mauritanian’ rekindles debate over Gitmo detainees’ torture – with 40 still held there

Indian Democracy Not Dead But Acquires Saffron Avatar

By Promod Puri Obsessed with his impulsive cause based on insufficient knowledge and limited perception of Hinduism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertakes a significant transformation of secular Indian democracy towards sectarian nationalism.   With an accelerated pace, the bigoted transformation gets camouflaged by the autonomous and non-partisan institutions like the judiciary, media, and the election commission that have become weak and corrupted in the last few years of Modi’s autocratic rule. There are token signs of Opposition too. But these are either impotent or fragmented in their own regional or ideological formations. Leading this disengaged pack is the dud leadership … Continue reading Indian Democracy Not Dead But Acquires Saffron Avatar


The execution of Karma in Hindu thought influences or has a consequence on society as well.  For that reason, societal reconstruction is part of karmas’ obligations to clean up the religion from discriminatory and inhumane practices. All-inclusive full empowerment of women and annihilation of castes as envisioned by Ambedkar are part of these needed corrections to institute human rights traditions in Hinduism. MANAGEMENT OF SELF Whereas religion’s genesis and role have been the management of society, karma’s religiosity implies the self’s administration. This governance of the self gets conducted by conscious and divine living. It is a significant commitment indicating … Continue reading HINDUISM’S COMMITMENT TO SOCIETY AND SELF


Does consciousness or ‘Atma’ die too after bodily death? Or it survives to re-enter a new body. A Los Vegas billionaire real estate mogul, Robert Thomas Bigelow, is offering $1 million to help figure out the survival of consciousness after the body becomes lifeless. According to the New York Times, “Last June, four months after bone marrow disease and leukemia claimed the life of his wife of 55 years, Mr. Bigelow quietly founded the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies to support research into what happens after death.” What is consciousness? The dictionary explanation is: “full activity of the mind and … Continue reading $ 1 MILLION OFFER TO STUDY IF CONSCIOUSNESS SURVIVES AFTER DEATH


by Promod Puri Republic Day on January 26 is an official colossal event in India every year to celebrate the adoption of its constitution marking the nation as an independent democratic republic. How does the country look after all these years since its Independence from the British Raj in 1947? Especially when there has been quite an ideological transformation to reweave India’s social and secular fabric in the last few years since the Hindutva forces led by Narendra Modi are at the helm in the nation’s affairs. When explored, the cliché that India is a country of extremes makes it … Continue reading CELEBRATION OF INDIA’S REPUBLIC DAY:

What is a protein? A biologist explains

Nathan Ahlgren, Clark University Editor’s note: Nathan Ahlgren is an assistant professor of biology at Clark University. In this interview, he explains exactly what proteins are, how they are made, and the wide variety of functions they perform in the human body. Nathan Ahlgren explains what proteins do in our body. What is a protein? A protein is a basic structure that is found in all of life. It’s a molecule. And the key thing about a protein is it’s made up of smaller components, called amino acids. I like to think of them as a string of different … Continue reading What is a protein? A biologist explains

Why Total Repeal Of India’s Farm Laws

When an entire structure has a fragile foundation, shaky frame, and dangerous to live in, it needs total demolition immediately. That is precisely the situation with hastily and carelessly constructed farm laws that, instead of benefiting the farmers, would be disasters for them not in the far-off future but right away when the next crops hit the market. The structure of the authoritarian regime of Modi built is illegal and unauthorized. It did not go through the proper democratic and parliamentary formalities and procedures of the Indian parliament. In the middle of one September night, three farm bills got introduced … Continue reading Why Total Repeal Of India’s Farm Laws


As the year 2020 departs just at the moment clock hits midnight, we welcome the arrival of 2021. Two images get conceived; one moves in, another moves out. These are like two individual personalities, the new and the old one. But what is the difference besides the old and new names, 2020 and 2021? We see, feel, observe, or experience our daily life’s routines in the morning or evening of December 31, which would look the same next day, January 1. Yesterday’s entities would roll along to turn into today’s realities. The good and bad of 2020 would stay the … Continue reading A VISION OF 2021 AND BEYOND

It is A Yuga Of Plenty!

A roof over our heads, for some more roofs than their heads. Enough bottled or running water for our thirsts and showers; electricity galore to keep our places lighted and brightened.. Food as much as our stomach can take it and some extra to throw away as it passed just the expiry date, clothing in opulence hanging in our closets, kids toys collection escalates faster than their growth and age. Plenty to buy, and plenty to return the day after. Plenty to waste, plenty to dump. More stuff shipped in plenty; to keep the economy in plenty. And then worldwise, … Continue reading It is A Yuga Of Plenty!

Little Misha lost her special friend, Poky the Puppy

The toy of her joy disappeared from her tender arms somewhere at the hotel while on vacation with her family. She was returning to her hotel room with her parents and brother, when she realized that Poky was missing. With tears in her eyes, Misha was worried the Poky was by himself and lonely. Dad scoured the hotel searching for Poky but returned to the room defeated. Poky was lost. The next day, it was time to board the plane and head back home, but without Poky. Misha was heartbroken. Parents did their best to distract her with a new … Continue reading Little Misha lost her special friend, Poky the Puppy

Getting The Best Out Of Turmoil And Turbulence of 2020

Corona invasion has disciplined our lives, from masking to six feet distancing and restricting travels, socials and shopping.

Joys, engagements and ease of life navigated new options. A circadian lifestyle is one where a daily routine is possible with the least of disturbances and distractions.

Continue reading Getting The Best Out Of Turmoil And Turbulence of 2020


In simple words, poet Shailendra wrote great poetry with deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions. His ‘shikva’ meaning complaint to God is one of my favourite compositions. “Duniya banane wale kaya tera mann main samai, kahe to duniya banai.” Shailendra was a poet par excellent. He weaved the words in the language of common man expressing his sorrows and joys, struggles and hopes, awareness and inspiration. “kisi ke muskuraahato pe ho nisaar, kisee ka dard mil sake to le udhaar, kisee ke vaste ho tere dil me pyaar, jeena isee kaa naam hai.” Born into a Dalit family of Chamaar at … Continue reading REMEMBERING POET SHAILENDRA


They say Vinyl is back. With that news, my memory goes back to the golden era of listening to music through gramophone technology. The 12-inch circular disc on the turntable with its soft feel of grooves was music in motion. Gently placing the needle on the black disc, the sound of music emanated. My listening pleasure was mostly with the popular film songs being played thru the vinyl record and full blast from the neighbourhood’s loudspeakers on special occasions. Connected through long wires, loudspeakers placed on rooftops, and music spread was all around. I remember, out of curiosity, I once … Continue reading MY MEMORIES WITH GRAMOPHONE

Caste, Colour, Creed, And Nationalities Clog World Peace

Nationality, caste, colour, creed, ritual-based religion: do we still have to wear these badges? When these identities become obsolete, dead, and gone? Nations across the globe have become or becoming cosmopolitan in both the physical and virtual worlds. Political boundaries are only relevant to the administrative and bureaucratic functioning of governments. But not for propping up nationalism and its related precept of patriotism. In a universal temperament, caste, colour, creed, and ritual-based religion are irrelevant. Instead these antiquated social and faith-based divisions clog the advance of peace and harmony in our lives. By Promod Puri Continue reading Caste, Colour, Creed, And Nationalities Clog World Peace

Remembering Raj Kapoor

I was sitting by myself in the neighbourhood community centre’s Sauna room when a man walked in. “Good morning, how are you.” “Good morning. I’m fine. Thank you.” “Are you from India?” “Yes, I’m.” “I’m from Russia, immigrated to Canada many years ago. I love India, especially Indian films and Hindi songs. You know what, Raj Kapoor was my favourite. I still hum one or two of his popular songs.” The little conversation delighted me and took me back to Hindi films’ golden era when Raj Kapoor was a towering personality both as an actor and film producer. December 14, … Continue reading Remembering Raj Kapoor

The Essence Of Hinduism Lies On Just Two Very Basic Principles

In its theology, Hinduism generated a range of systematic ideologies covering various studies in ethical and metaphysical perceptions. Within these profound discernments, Hinduism’s outstanding feature is the doctrine of “Purusarthas,” advocating four complementary engagements in an individual’s life. Continue reading The Essence Of Hinduism Lies On Just Two Very Basic Principles


Taking advantage of the Black Friday shopping bargains at Walmart, we bought a long overdue ironing board. Till now, we were using a spare computer table with a spread of thick cotton sheets for some cushioning on its top. With adjustable height, the new ironing board has all that buffer plus the parking space to hold the press. I love ironing with a meditative passion. Since my early teen years, I mastered the pressing job shoulder to shoulder, top to bottom, inside, outside for every kind of wear. My love affair with the hot press, later along with newspaper and … Continue reading MY PASSION WITH IRONING

Does God Play Role In Our Karmas

by Promod Puri Karma is one of the most fundamentals of Hinduism.  The actual word is ‘Karm’ with a firm stop at the last letter ‘m’. As usual, many Sanskrit or Hindi words, for some reason or without reason, are stretched by hooking up with the letter ‘a’: for example, Krishna, Rama, Ayurveda etc.  In any case, Karma or Karm represents action, deed or work. It is an act of doing something. And that involves two more factors, the doer and the result(s) of work performed. Together, action, doer and result, constitute Karma, which starts with a verb and ends … Continue reading Does God Play Role In Our Karmas

Concept Of Moksha Or Salvation In Hinduism

Moksha or Mukti denotes freedom. It is a much-hyped Hindu traditional thought. In essence, it represents ardent purity to seek Oneness with the Supreme-being.  Moksha covers two allied but different schools under the faculty of moksha-shastra.  One has its base on the concept of eternal salvation from the repeated cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. This rotation of advents is a popular notion among Hindus with the support of reincarnation ideology. Like soteriology, the salvation doctrine, the birth-rebirth cycle to achieve moksha or salvation is called Samsara in Sanskrit. Life is an entanglement of sufferings. Moksha is considered as the ultimate … Continue reading Concept Of Moksha Or Salvation In Hinduism

Universal Totality

The universe is a totality, indivisible; it is an organic whole. The parts are not separate, we are all existing in a togetherness: the trees, the mountains, the people, the birds, the stars, howsoever far away they may appear, they are all interlinked, all bridged. Even the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star, and it is as significant as the greatest sun. Hindu Mantra Evokes Togetherness: “ Om purnam adah purnam idam purnat purnam udachyate purnasya purnam adaya purnam evavashishyate” Osho Says: “Nothing is insignificant, nothing is smaller than anything else. The part represents the whole … Continue reading Universal Totality


Maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance are the mantra that sustains us practically in most aspects of our lives. From personal health to our conveniences, gadgets, computers, and machinery, we are all tied to one crucial essential. And that pivotal element is maintenance. We often talk and care about physical maintenance, body weight, sugar, cholesterol levels, etc.  And then the tuneup of our car or vehicle, upkeep of the house, lawn and building. Parks, gardens, streets, roads, bridges, water pipes, sewer systems, and all the infrastructures undergo routine care, repair and reconstruction. Oversized items maintenance like trucks and planes or any engine … Continue reading LIFE REVOLVES AND SURVIVES AROUND MAINTENANCE


God and religion are the two synonymous influences subjected to evolution in humankind’s ongoing social construction. In this evolution, atheism can contribute too because of its credible roots in various religious ideations. The main reason is for its earnest call for humanism in the conduct of our lives. The fact is, since the time God got institutionalized in the religious orders, atheism, despite being firm on His non-existence, has played a challenging and stimulating role in man’s spiritual and divine pursuits. For those reasons, atheism received acceptance as a valid philosophical concept in the religiosity of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and … Continue reading ATHEISM HAS CREDIBLE INFLUENCE ON RELIGIONS TOO:

The many stories of Diwali share a common theme of triumph of justice

Natasha Mikles, Texas State University As many Indian Americans celebrate the election of the first Black and South Asian woman, Kamala Harris, to the White House, many will also be celebrating the festival of Diwali on Saturday, Nov. 14. Sometimes called the Indian festival of lights, Diwali is arguably the most important holiday of the year for South Asian families. The festival, which is observed by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, lasts five days in its entirety. Traditionally the third day is considered the most important. During this day, families gather to light candles, eat sweets and place lit lamps in … Continue reading The many stories of Diwali share a common theme of triumph of justice


The current election in the United States of America has furnished quite a glimpse of its social behaviour and sentiments through its divided national political scenario. Within its democratic and liberal fundamentals, this is a nation that thrives on extreme racialism and xenophobic temperament in its White supremacist and uncontrolled gun cultures. It is a nation of Nobel laurates sharing their wisdom and knowledge with the rest of the world, while actually, a significant segment of its population lives like a proverbial frog in the well. The US is also a nation where many immigrants, thru some baffling genetic fusion … Continue reading ELECTION REVEALS TRUE AMERICA

Shastras In Hinduism

While traversing along with its ritual, religious and spiritual landscape, we discover on top of it quite a meaningful spectrum of Hinduism’s multi-disciplinary diversity. Its curriculum includes specialized and acknowledged studies and practices in arts, music, and yoga that have earned global fascination. Moreover, the Hindu institution offers an expansive range of inceptive and revealing courses in most pure and applied sciences and social sciences.  All these disciplines are part of the Hindu literature and traditions involving imaginative, investigative, intellectual and cultural pursuits. In Hinduism, ‘shastras’ refer to various schools of knowledge and learning covering most facets of human life … Continue reading Shastras In Hinduism


I have strong feelings for pumpkin, mostly when left out in the chill of autumn nights during the Halloween season. It is the most abused and wasted vegetable sacrificing itself to rot and finally dumped in the compost bin. Is that his or her karma carved by custom and tradition! The gigantic orange globe is one of the most nutritious vegetables. Loaded with protein, vitamins A, C, B2 and E, potassium, copper, manganese, and iron, it also carries phosphorus and zinc, and antioxidants that fight cancer cells. So why to waste this super heavyweight produce. There are plenty of recipes … Continue reading VERSATILE PUMPKIN A SUPER VEGETABLE THAT FIGHTS CANCER:


How often we use the dishwasher? Quite regularly, frequently, occasionally, or very rarely. Perhaps never. Is the dishwasher use a cultural thing, or do we want to exercise some water and energy saving? Some of us in the immigrant communities prefer washing dishes by hand and then letting them dry out with natural air or wipe with a kitchen towel. Continue reading THINGS WE SELDOM USE IN OUR HOUSEHOLDS

India Urgently Needs A Comprehensive Diagnostic Study To Tackle Rape Epidemic

This is a disease that can’t be controlled by candles, protests, poetry, prose, and punishments. By Promod Puri It is disgraced and dreadful evil that has grown into an imperishable stain on the contemporary Indian scene as its social norm. The evil is the rapist beast that lurks everywhere, ready to pounce on his victims at any given opportunity. The sad story is that the nation has not begun in a comprehensive way to handle this ongoing spread of vicious crime against women. Manisha of Hathras, Priyanka Reddy, Asifa Banu, Jyoti Singh “Nirbhay,” and hundreds perhaps thousands more became victims … Continue reading India Urgently Needs A Comprehensive Diagnostic Study To Tackle Rape Epidemic


By Promod Puri The Liberals got caught off guard. And so are the British Columbians when Premier John Horgan announced on Monday a flash provincial election just a month from now, on October 24. My immediate reaction on social media was, “again! It was only yesterday.” The province was to go to the polls in 2021 fall, according to the gentleman agreement, duly signed, between the New Democratic Party and its supporting partner, the Green Party of B.C. The last election, three years ago, resulted in NDP securing 41 seats against the B.C. Liberal Party, winning 43 seats. The then-Liberal … Continue reading OCTOBER 24 ELECTION A BOMBSHELL FOR BRITISH COLUMBIANS


Boredom is a very commonly expressed feeling even in this age when we have 24-hour entertainment at our convenience. There is a stream of entertainment and information from our smartphones and social media in the company of self. But still, there are occasional experiences of boredom.Why do we feel bored?Generally, they say boredom occurs to those who have not developed any interest in any activity or hobby. Especially this is true when in the golden years of our lives. There are plenty of dull moments that defy time and move with their own speed. An enjoyable activity helps to ward … Continue reading WHY FEEL BORED?


Being intellectual in India these days has an irony of pun in it. The ‘intellectuals’ rather be non-intellectuals to avoid the snobbery generated in its labelling. “I am not an intellectual. Abuse me, but do not call me that sir,” a recent quote from Chetan Bhagat, one of India known authors, who got included in Time magazine’s list of World’s 100 Most Influential People in 2010. The word intellectual is a slang now both in political and social terms. It suggests scholars are ignorant of ground realities despite their academic and ideological learning. For Prime minister Modi’s “bhagats” and the … Continue reading WHY INTELLECTUALS NOW RIDICULED IN INDIA:


September 5 is celebrated in India as Teachers’ Day synonymous with its second president, Dr. Sarvepilli Radhakrishnan, who also was a teacher, besides being an eminent philosopher of international fame. But a true story about him reveals that his famous work the “Indian Philosophy” is largely plagiarized from the Ph.D. thesis of Jadunath Sinha, one of his students. However, when Sinha came to know about this theft, he filed a case in court against his teacher. It is another matter that owing to Radhakrishnan’s influential position, the case was disposed of without causing much trouble to him. But how can … Continue reading TEACHERS DAY SHOULD BE IN HONOR OF JYOTI RAO AND SAVITRIBAI PHULE

American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation

“conservation will succeed only if it can support the goal of a dignified life for all humans and nonhuman species.” Prakash Kashwan, University of Connecticut The United States is having a long-overdue national reckoning with racism. From criminal justice to pro sports to pop culture, Americans increasingly are recognizing how racist ideas have influenced virtually every sphere of life in this country. This includes the environmental movement. Recently the Sierra Club – one of the oldest and largest U.S. conservation organizations – acknowledged racist views held by its founder, author and conservationist John Muir. In some of his writing, Muir … Continue reading American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation


Uncles and aunty’s designations have become popular among the younger generation of South Asians to address their parents’ friends or older contacts. Instead of calling them by their first or last names, with prefix Mr. or Mrs., the unrelated nephews and nieces develop a kinship with the choice of etiquette that is more personal. The uncle-auntie entitlement is in vogue in other cultures as well. But the South Asian youths go a step further. To show more reverence, ‘ji’ pronounced like ‘g’ is attached to address the instantaneous relatives as uncle Ji and auntie-Ji. Perhaps this arrangement establishes a more … Continue reading UNCLE-JI AND AUNTI-JI

Her identity is biracial

I don’t accept Kamala Harris has to represent herself with Black identity only. Her real identity of being biracial is African-Indian. Her mother was of Tamil origin from South India, and she is through and through Indian. Cherishing Indian customs, following Hindu rituals of breaking coconuts, and enjoying dosa, sambar and idli, her genome is equally Indian. Then why she plays the Black identity card only? Tiger Woods called himself “Cablinasian” (a word he made up as a teen to account for his Caucasian, Black, American Indian and Asian heritages). He has not solely identified himself as Black. If Tiger … Continue reading Her identity is biracial


Handcrafted from a solid dry twig, with one end slightly chiselled and shaped like a nib. And the stem was smoothed to hold the Kalam.
For each word or few words to write, the Kalam received its ink while dipped into an inkpot. Together the pair was called “Kalam-dawaat,” that I used to carry with me to primary school. Often my school bag and my clothing got stains of the black ink.

Book Review: Purva Grover’s The Trees Told Me So is playwright’s delight

Originally posted on Vishal Bheeroo:
Book Review: The Trees Told Me So Author: Purva Grover Publisher: Niyogi Books Rating: Four and a half stars ? ? Introduction: Purva Grover’s The Trees Told Me So is a collection of short stories narrating about cities, hidden emotions, and memories in a tender and sensitive voice melting hearts. 11 stories, heart-wrenching, rare friendships made, love, simplicity of life is a delightful serving where each comes alive making it a color palette of form and, the dewdrop deeply layered lending a ubiquitous expression of visualization in this joyride. ? Narration: ? Addiction is sold… Continue reading Book Review: Purva Grover’s The Trees Told Me So is playwright’s delight

How Howard Thurman met Gandhi and brought nonviolence to the civil rights movement

A growing number of African-American leaders closely followed Gandhi’s campaigns of “satyagraha,” or what he termed as nonresistance to evil against British colonialism. Black newspapers and magazines announced the need for an “American Gandhi.” Continue reading How Howard Thurman met Gandhi and brought nonviolence to the civil rights movement

Temples And Other Range Of options In Hindu Worshipping Practices

“Temple-Hinduism” is an expression introduced by Vasudha Narayanan, Professor of Religion, University of Florida. The terminology is not an academic phrasing, nor does it reflect a new sect in Hinduism. It is an interpretation of Hinduism related to the devotional practices of rituals and prayers in the temple’s iconological environment. Continue reading Temples And Other Range Of options In Hindu Worshipping Practices


Who really knows?
Who will here proclaim it?
Whence was it produced?
Whence is this creation?
The gods came afterward,
with the creation of this universe.
Who then knows whence it has arisen?
Whence this creation has arisen—
perhaps it formed itself, perhaps it did not
the one who looks down on it, in the highest heaven,
only He knows or perhaps He does not know.
even, only He knows – or perhaps He does not know.
– Rig Veda 10:129, translation: Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty, Author, Indologist, and Sanskrit Scholar.