OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe author is a veteran and  pioneer Indo-Canadian journalist with keen interest in liberal studies of Hinduism.

After graduating from the Panjab University Chandigarh journalism department Promod Puri did stints in couple of newspapers in Delhi, India, and then migrated to Canada in 1972. He started his own publication, The Link, in 1973 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, besides being editor of Native Canadian newspaper, The New Nation. Puri moved to Vancouver, BC, in 1978, and continued with The Link as its editor and publisher. He retired after over 30 years from active journalism career. He regularly indulges in writing on different subjects with commitment to objectivity.

Seeking humanism and rationales have always been his approaches in writing. Honesty, sincerity and perfection are the ethics he follows in his candid writing.

Exploring the truth has led to write Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs and traditions to recognize the fact that the fundamentals of Hinduism are liberal, secular and diverse, and that it has depth.

With a journalistic background he adheres to the cardinal principle of writing that it is meant for reading by others. For that reason his writing style including for Hinduism:beyond rituals, customs and traditions, has always been simple for effortless and absorbing reading.