Swing Like A Pendulum

People with a free mindset attitude swing like a pendulum. Passing through the Centre, they move to the social or political ideologies of the Left or Right but not committed to either of them.

Being fanatically committed to the Right or Left can restrict the perception of issues confronting us individually or by the society we live in.

-Promod Puri


  1. The idea expressed is 100% right. A friend of all is a friend of none and a person who values all religions is of no religion.
    “Swing Like a Pendulum” has a great meaning. If a Pendulum does not swing, it is nothing but a sandbag. The other name of the pendulum is swing. In a democratic society, the pendulum of political thought swings left and right. An astute politician is neither a hardcore leftist nor a rightist. Everything is in swing, including nature and human life. Even as per Newton’s law, ‘Action and reaction are equal and opposite.
    A comparison between the left and right is like a choice between an ass and a horse. “Better ride on an ass that carries you than a horse that throws you.” In politics, the main aim is the welfare of the majority either by rightist or leftist ideology.


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