9/11 is the anniversary date of a significant terrorist attack on American soil on September 11, 2001.

9/11s have happened before, and these are still occurring all over the globe. It broke out in Vietnam, Iraq, and continued in Afghanistan and Syria.

9/11s erupts now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe too.

Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s also happen several times a year anywhere, any time in the USA.

9/11 is more than an anniversary date.

They say terrorists generate 9/11s. True.

Regimes are also significant players in creating, developing, and executing 9/11s.

Causes of 9/11s of different magnitudes are the situations created by both the rogue and the so-called civilized rulers of both democratic and socialist brands.

Historically, we blame a nation or nations in their respective involvement in initiating wars or violent conflicts. But the individuals responsible for calling out to strike the fire are spared.

With time we forget the leaders or rulers in their combating roles, causing catastrophic scenes. Nations get personified in inducing and producing disasters.

It is in this error of personification of nations that the real culprits who generate horrible events escape from the condemnation and punishment they deserve.

In the call out for sacrifice, nationalism, and patriotism, or just for “defence,” battles are fought, soldiers fight and die, the accountability falls on the nation’s states, but not on the leaders in the long run.

That is what happens on the world stage when nations, tribes, or communities get humanized, and the leading triggers of wars and conflicts recede into history as unscathed and unharmed culprits.

It has happened in the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, including the abuses in the Abu Gharib prison and Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Rwanda genocides.

The initiators of these heinous conflicts are almost oblivion, replaced by the nations as they are living humans, causing most of the 9/11s worldwide.

-Promod Puri

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