The story goes like this:

A donkey and a tiger got themselves involved in a heated argument.

The donkey insisted that the grass in front of them was blue.

The tiger was adamant that it was green.

Based on each one’s perception, the donkey and the tiger continued their verbal battle.

Seeing there was no end to their dispute, they agreed on a compromising resolution.

Both consented they would go to the lion king; his opinion would be honoured.

After presenting their point of contention, the lion judged that the tiger was wrong and the grass was blue. The donkey could leave.

The moment the donkey left, the tiger expressing his disappointment with the lion’s opinion, told him, “Sir, you know very well that the grass is green, then why you agree with the donkey that it was blue.”

The lion responded, “The issue here is not about blue or green; instead of arguing with a donkey inflicted with a mindset attitude.”

“When the mind gets set, the reality becomes an illusion. Remember never to argue with somebody committed with mindset views where the green can look blue.”  

-Promod Puri

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