There it is in the back of my bedside drawer. Have I abandoned it? Not honestly. I’m keeping it but have not worn it for the last few years.

Once the proud possession and a showpiece of jewellery adorning my left wrist, it now rests powerless as the battery wears out. The last time it ticked was pm, almost at the dead of night, the shorthand was at 11, and longhand struck itself at 45. Frozen in time, but it conveys the memories of the past.

“What time it is,” with the turn of the wrist, my Bulova was always right to the second for the exact time.

Bu the times have changed. Thanks to mobile technology. The wristwatch seems to be outdated. It is not in vogue anymore. Or is it uncomfortable to wear?

Whatever the reasons, the wristwatch era looks to be heading fast towards antiquity, like so many other items with the advent of technology. But the nostalgia and love affair with the wristwatch will remain. Occasionally, on special events, our formal wear is incomplete without the wristwatch.

I will keep my Bulova updated with a new battery and wear it for nostalgia and special occasions.

The need may have waned, but the passion remains.

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