My creative senses sometimes spill over to culinary passion.

Walnut Raita with ingredients

The new creation offers an evolution in the popular Indian yogurt-based cool, refreshing and stomach-friendly item called ‘Raita.’

Replacing the traditional boiled potatoes, grated cucumber or ‘basin boondi,’ the new recommendation is walnut as the principal ingredient.

Chopped walnuts get introduced to the stirred yogurt along with salt, black pepper, powdered cumin seeds (jeera), and crushed fresh mint (Pudina) leaves. Otherwise, dried Pudina is ok too. I avoid using hot chilli powder. Instead, my choice is some raisins to give the Raita a tinge of sweetness.

As it is popularly said, in Indian food recipes, exact measurements are not required; a pinch of this and a pinch of that is all one needs depending on the taste.

In the Walnut Raita, the same rule gets applied. But if any of the ingredients overpower others, more yogurt needs to be added to balance everything.

Try the Walnut Raita; you may love the new entrant in the fine art of Indian cuisine.     

-Promod Puri

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