As a former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen is much in the news lately and projected by the media as a hero in whistleblowing, here in Canada we remember late Dr. Shiv Chopra’s daring confrontations with the government of Canada as a whistleblower back in the ’80s.

He was a government scientist with Health Canada, who warned that drugs used for animals posed a danger to the safety of Canada’s food system.

In 1989, he sparked debate over Canada’s veterinary drug approval process after he and fellow scientist Margaret Haydon testified before a Senate committee that they were being pressured to approve bovine growth hormone (BGH), a product aimed at boosting milk production in dairy cows.

As of result, BGH was never approved in Canada, and credit goes to Dr. Chopra and his fellow colleague.

He led a national campaign to halt the BGH patent approval process, which was successfully blocked in the Senate.

If Canadians are drinking milk that is BGH-free, our heads bow to Dr. Shiv Chopra who put his career and future on the line for his cause.

He died in Ottawa at the age of 84.

Promod Puri

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