by Promod Puri

It is wrong to assume anti-Muslim hatred in Canada only exists on the fringes of the far right. It resides in pockets of the nation’s social, political, religious, and non-Muslim ethnic communities.

In all the opinion polls during the past five years, there has been consistent bias against Muslims in Canada. Participants in these polls also include members of ethnic communities. They are part of the opinion polls.

The negative views as revealed thru periodic polls suggest a xenophobic attitude by all Canadians towards Muslims. It creates the breeding ground for violence and tragedies like this week’s gruesome murder of four in the family by ploughing a speeding truck over them.

The anti-Muslim attitude is rife in government agencies as well. Muslims entering or going through air or land borders are often flagged when the names like Mohammad or Khan appear on their systems. 9/11 has created an Islamophobia that the securities forces do not care for a review.

The call of Canada as a mature, progressive nation demands an immediate national summit on Islamophobia to end this national shame of hatred towards its own fellow Canadians.

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