I heard our neighbours south of the border are now going to public places and leaving their masks at home. Well, if the wave continues, we on this side of the fence will catch the tide too as a mask-free or mask-option Canada.

Despite its introduction a year and a few months ago, I have never been comfortable wearing the mask for more than ten to fifteen minutes. My compassionate feelings emanate from those full-time working people wearing the face-covering nine to five.

No doubt, masks have been a weapon of mass protection against the soon-to-be defeated enemy, thanks to the joint forces of scientists worldwide and the frontline soldiers. But mask would leave a legacy of its own that it does hide facial identity.

I remembered some time ago; a masked lady greeted me at the Superstore, “how are you, Puri Sahib-Ji,” without recognizing who she was, I responded with my humble etiquette, “I am ok, how you are.” I walked away, but I tried to figure out who that friendly acquaintance was under the mask.

Mask’s blocking the facial recognition feature has its impact on my cell phone as well that I have to first enter my password before proceeding further to answer a call, make one, check the mail, etc.

Are masks now part of our dress? It seems so. I have seen masks in different prints and covering designs on many faces. Anyway, when the mask is not mandatory, the trend will die down, and we can breathe fresh and direct again.

Promod Puri

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