1. I am only a Mason …….

    Zile Singh, Ambassador(Retd.) speaking on the occasion said that the writers are the un-elected representatives of society who rule not by the ‘rule of law’ but by the ‘rule of spirit’. Their jurisdiction is ‘beyond borders’ in bridging the gap by advocating ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’. They are the real ambassadors for ‘world peace’. To him, “To Connect the Community through Letters” is one of the strong tools to strengthen the inherent nature of Canadian ethos of ‘diversity and multiculturalism’.
    Finally, “Once, poets were magicians. Poets were strong, stronger than warriors and kings – stronger than old gods. And they will be strong once again”. All scriptures of the world are in the form of poetry.

    We walk, we talk, we read, or we write.
    We weep, we sleep or even if we fight.
    Flower, plant, grass, and a swaying tree.
    Stand, and stare, it is nothing but poetry.

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    1. Thoughtful words about words and their creators! new and nice peep into myriad layers of life, literature, and related realities, and of course its interpretation.
      “The great poet Shelley said, “The poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. Yes, they are unacknowledged. The world doe not feel that the poets are making laws. They sit in no parliament. The laws made by them are written in no statute book. But they create an atmosphere, a strong public opinion and these do the rest.!


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