It is not an attempt to give motivational advice. But coming up with an idea, in line with the basic theme of the “Power of Now” in realizing, accepting, capturing, and enjoying every moment happening just now.

Experience the past, fly over the future, but stay in the present.

Moments matter in this stay. These moments come and go in the time flash of now.

In an endeavour to dwell in the “now” (the present moment) let us get into the R.A.C.E.

The letter ‘R’ stands for recognition which is the first approach in this focus to acknowledge how important is the present moment.

‘A’ stands for acceptance. Once the present moment is realized, acceptance makes sense. It does not matter how pleasant, good, bad, or ugly, easy, or difficult the present offers in its outlook and outcome, it needs to be accepted.

‘C’ stands for capturing the present moment to have a real grip for its effective handling.

And finally, ‘E’ stands for enjoyment. In whatever shape or form a situation is presented or emerges after its recognition, acceptance, and containment it must be enjoyed as well with grace.

Climbing a tough hill is an experiment in R.A.C.E. where every step of the hike is a moment. Here the climber recognizes (R) and accepts (A) that inorder to accomplish his or her feat the only choice is to go up. Each moment is captured (C) without letting in other thoughts and finally enjoying (E) every step of the challenge to cover the climb.

It is an experience in concentration or meditation in action when the climbing movements and the climber become one entity. It is like during a dance performance when dance and the dancer become one.

And that is where the joy of living in the present, where we merge with the moment, finds its relevancy and pleasure.

Promod Puri

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