Cubans artists and intellectuals are in a peaceful and targeting revolt against the regime founded by the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. They want more rights and freedoms.

There was a big protest last month in Havana, and the government agreed to talk with the protesters. But the negotiation ended the moment it started, followed by a major crackdown on dissent. That is typical of dictatorial regimes, and Cuba is no exception.

The “people’s revolution” in 1959 led by Castro demolished the dictatorship of Batista, but it ended up with another long run of dictatorial rule. However, lately in Cuba, there are encouraging signs of resistance against the Communist regime but always dubbed as US-funded.

Communists and Leftists all over the globe are fanatically in love with Cuba’s leadership. Their only source of information about this island nation is its propaganda machinery, an effective weapon of misinformation used by authoritarian rulers.

-Promod Puri

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