Besides mass gatherings of people, like religious festivals, election rallies or cricket matches, as the super spreader of Corona and the Indian government’s insensitive handling of the pandemic, some inherent factors contribute to the catastrophe the nation is facing.

1. With a population of 1.4 billion, mostly living in minimal spaces, sanitation and social distances are the problems.

2. A vast majority of people are daily workers where the priority is to earn enough wages to buy food for the day rather than being concerned for the social safety net.

3. There is an embedded myth that poor hygiene trains people’s immune defenses, so when exposed to Corona or any virus, they believe the system will care for them.

4. High air pollution levels in the country have a toll on the overall health of its citizens.

5. India’s total health expenditure represents only 3.9 percent of its GDP. Shortages of hospitals and existing ones with outdated facilities are the factors too in this critical situation. Overall, the infrastructure in this crucial facility is deplorable.

Promod Puri

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