When there is global media coverage and faulting India for its callous and irresponsible handling of the Corona pandemic resulting in chaotic scenes of despairs, deaths and burning pyres, it is not politics or anti-India. Neither, as Modi’s “bhagats” think, rants and rhetoric against him; instead, it is a dispersing human catastrophe that strikes every one on this planet.

None of us will be safe until everyone is safe in this world.

The Coronavirus does not care about any international borders, neither it discriminates religion, race, or age. We are all interconnected. A high level of infection in one part of the world spreads to other regions globally.

The Indian leadership has miserably failed in tackling Corona because it made itself believe and propagated that things are almost back to normal. But the virus multiplied, forming an extended family with a new variant.

The latter one is called B.1.617. The lab evidence suggests it is a bit more transmissible, and our immune system finds it harder to block. But it is not an “escape mutant,”; meaning it can face its demise from the current vaccines.

The physiology of Corona’s alteration is simple; the more the number of Covid cases, the more chances of Corona developing new variants. Corona evolves itself with mutations when its strength grows in the uncontrolled environment as it is happening in India. Moreover, viruses keep changing and adapting through mutations.

To limit the emergence of viral variants is to curb the virus replicating. India stands very noticeable on the global scene, where Corona variants can spread and multiply in one form or another.

Higher the number of Covid cases a country has, the more likely it is that new variants will emerge. That’s because every single infection gives the virus a chance to evolve.

The Indian population of over 1.3 billion cannot be isolated from the rest of the world. We are in the same boat globally when it comes to Covid-19 or its variants.

More than that, as an international family of multi nations, nobody can have a peaceful sleep when even one member in this global village suffers, gasps and battles for life.

For that reason, while the rest of the world offers and sends aid, the Indian government must get serious and be responsible for handling the Corona menace. If not, it is a crime against humanity.

-Promod Puri

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