DIWALI MUBARAK is my choice of greetings on the happy occasion of Diwali, the universal festival of lights. In the picture … More

Past, Present And Future

By Promod Puri “The past is history, future is mystery, but today is a gift……”, stay in the present and … More

Past, Present And Future

By Promod Puri “The past is history, future is mystery, but today is a gift……”, stay in the present and enjoy … More


Whereas Trump has stiff relationship with the media, Modi is steadily developing a controlling relationship with the media. promodpuri.com

Dharma, Karma & Moksha

An outstanding feature of Hinduism is the doctrine of “purusarthas”, advocating four complementary engagements in an individual’s life. These are … More

The planet is going to be dirtier while America tries to be “great” again.

Am I A Hindu In India

By Promod Puri I am a proud Canadian citizen. In this land of multi-cultural and multi-religious freedoms I am also … More

Divinity In Thought

Induction of divinity in thoughts, words and deeds is cardinal part of any religious order. Source: Divinity In Thought


In the prayer to God lies the karma. Karma means action. From God, one seeks to do the right action. … More


With massive parade of over half a million people in Washington the day after the presidential Inauguration, the spirit of … More


MERCY FOR SNOWDEN: Only few hours are left, and President Obama still can exercise his benevolence to grant mercy to … More

Life is a Dangal too

Film Review: by Promod Puri     It is a tense play of strategies, techniques and actions, excitement, and madness, … More

Versatile Actor Om Puri

Om Puri, who died January 5, was among the most talented and versatile actors in the Indian film world. Starting … More


In the spirit of exchanging New Year greetings, we wish peace and happiness for all humanity. Like animals, plants, mountains, … More

Surreal:Word of the Year

“It’s a word that is used to express a reaction to something shocking or surprising, a meaning which is built … More

Season’s Greetings

In the spirit of exchanging greetings with our friends and relative we also wish peace and happiness for all the … More


“Poverty is not only measured in terms of lack of money but also in the lack of respect and dignity”, … More

Leader of the Free World

“We are dealing with a world – especially after the American election – which first needs to be sorted out”, … More

The Shrinking World Of Leftists

Leftists, a.k.a Communists, are a strange breed of people. Highly educated, highly informed and intellectually persuasive in arguments and discussions. … More


Fabricated or manufactured news is often a busy supply line on social media and that is mostly responsible for its … More

God’s Role In Fate

Does God play a role in assigning karmas in an individual’s life? If He does then a karma can be … More


promodpuri.com is the website of interesting, informative and thoughtful contents worth exploring and sharing. Enjoy. Defining and exploring Hinduism and … More


“In the United States, we know what happens when we start dividing ourselves along lines of race or religion or … More

Museum Of Sikh History

By Promod Puri The place is called Virasat-E-Khalsa. It is also known as Khalsa Heritage Complex. But for the local … More


The pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles and noble deeds. Rituals facilitate the walk … More

Significance of Om

It is indeed a subject of astronomical acceptance that from the very sound frequencies of Om the building blocks of … More

Singer Jagjit Singh

By Promod Puri In his 40 years of entertaining and alluring singing career, late Jagjit Singh’s soft and “silky” voice … More


In its antiquity, narratives and parables, philosophical depths, diversity in beliefs, rituals, myths and interpretations, the studies in Hinduism seem … More

Hinduism: An Individual Experience

“Hinduism has no traditional ecclesiastical order, no centralized religious authorities, no governing body, no prophet(s) nor any binding holy book; … More

Liberty from High Class

Swami Vivekanand: “Why amongst the poor of India so many are Mohammadens? It is nonsense to say that they were … More


Progressive Hindu Dialogue is an initiative to explore, recognize and advance the rational, liberal and progressive nature of Hinduism. It … More