Does Canada need the ministry of defence or the department of defence? Defence from whom? Who is going to invade Canada? Is it the USA from the south, the Russians from the far north? Or some European nation to attack Canadian shores on the east and Japan from the west?

Countries are not being invaded by other countries anymore. That era, which dominated the histories of humanity, ended with the Second World War 76 years ago.

The thirst of the political Left and Right ideologies for political dominance and expansionism are not the reasons to invade Canada.

The 2021 defence budget for Canada is almost $24 billion.

I know it seems a utopian idea to dismantle the department of defence. But a few countries in the world have done away with it. Costa Rica, for example, eliminated its military forces over 70 years ago, and it is the happiest place on earth, according to Happy Planet Index.

Why not Canada? Billions get saved, and no more sexual misconduct mess.

Promod Puri

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