From rituals to murti-puja, mantra and metaphywhite-book-3d-cover-2-copysics, karma and moksha, to meditation and yoga, and all its recreational aspects like music, dance, and drama, Hinduism is a disciplinary as well as a comprehensive experience of spiritual development in the liberal and progressive regime.

Moving beyond its rituals, customs, and traditions, this study on Hinduism explores the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the religion and succinctly perceives its entirety.

“Hinduism: beyond rituals, customs and traditions” covers history, rituals, idol worship, scriptures, dharma, karma and moksha, meditation and yoga, Manusmriti and Ambedkar, music, dance and drama in Hinduism.

The 122-page book is a comprehensive study on Hinduism but still concise in its presentation. Enjoy and get enriched in Hinduism, the dynamic and most ancient religion in the world.

Click here to buy:…/…/151951252X

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