Applaud Or Condemn The “Police Justice” In India?

The four suspects in the Hyderabad rape case have been killed by the police. Most people, including the parents of the victim, applaud the police action. Justice delivered. Quick, the case closed.

In the Indian context, I would accept this kind of quick “street justice”, where otherwise the judicious system and the bureaucracy run with its stagnant pace while the victims and the families suffer and go thru torturous times. The case in point is the severe burning of a rape victim in U.P. a few days ago while going to the court to seek justice.

Justice in the country is beyond the proverbial statement of “Justice delayed is justice denied”. Here it is seldom delivered in the rape and violence incidents against women. And if it is delivered, it is rarely executed. The accused people, who were sentenced to death in the 2012 Joyti Singh rape and murder in Delhi still go unpunished.

“Justice” by the police is not the right thing to do in a democratic setup, but if the system fails, this is the way to see justice in India which gives solace to both the victims and the families.

But that is not the way either where the police are corrupt and can’t be trusted. And so is the present judicious system. What to do?

-Promod Puri

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  1. I agree with you Sir, the lack of fast track court, Jyoti Singh’s killers who raped her are still in jail and in this context where the commoners go. In this case, Id calls it Retributive Justice. Governments, irrespective of parties, must see to it that timely legislations are brought so that commoners don’t take law in their own hands. What happened yesterday showcased how people lost faith in judiciary.

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