Politics Of Left And Right Are Not The Solutions To Tackle Rape Problem

The four suspects in the Hyderabad rape case have been killed by the police. Most people, including the parents of the victim, applaud the police action. Justice has been delivered, and the case closed.

But in the mindset of Left and Right ideological thinking, binaries are being created about the role of police in killing the alleged suspects.

Were the police right in their killings, or they were wrong? Political Left, with its intellectual leaning, believes it was wrong, and let the system take over to deliver its judgment.

The political Right cheers the police action that justice is not delayed as far as the victim’s family is concerned.

In India’s case, I would accept this kind of quick “street justice,” where the judicial system and the bureaucracy run on its own stagnant pace. Otherwise, the victims and the families suffer and go thru torturous times. For example, it is the case of a rape victim in UP who was severely burnt and dies just a few days ago while on her way to the court to expect some justice.

Justice in the country is beyond the proverbial case of “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Here it is seldom delivered in the rape and violence cases against women. And if it is given, it is rarely executed. The accused people, who were sentenced to death in the 2012 Joyti Singh rape and murder in Delhi still go unpunished. And the heinous case of minor Asifa Banu, the culprit, a Hindu temple priest, it is totally off the radar.

“Justice” by the police is not the right thing to do in a democratic setup. But if the judicial system fails, this is the way to see justice in India that gives solace to both the victims and the families.

However, that is not the way either where the police are corrupt and can’t be trusted. And so is the present judicious system. What to do?

Politicizing the rape issue with Left and Right ideological commitments often emerge. In this political mix-up, headlines make the scene. Speeches and statements drum up. Anger, frustrations, and emotions ventilated. Slogans are raised, “hang them, shoot them.” Protests are organized, candles are lit. Articles are written, and poetry composed. Social media is flooded with outrage. And a lot more expressed, discussed, and debated.

Meaningful but helpless expressions become just rituals. Continue for a few days, remains dormant, and then come back when another news of national shame breaks out. The cycle is renewed and rerun.

In its response, can the nation go beyond this emotional and enraged cry with political overtones of the Left and the Right mindset thinking?

The ideological politics is not the solution to tackle pressing social issues of rape and violence against India’s women, but let science, professionalism, and realities take over.

Who are rapists? Medical and psychological investigations can reveal the symptoms of behavior disorder of sex offenders. It is an escalating disease.

The seriousness of the disease and its spread must be of utmost concern for the nation’s medical community, especially in the faculty of psychology and related faculties, along with social scientists to deliberate on all aspects of the rape issues.

After all, it is not only the women who are raped, but in the developing rape culture, the entire nation is the victim too.

-By Promod Puri



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