Concept Of Rita In Hinduism

The word Rita is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rta.’ In contemporary Hindi, the vocalic ‘r’ of Sanskrit is changed into ‘ri.’ Hence the word Rita, which has been a popular female name in India.

Rita is a concept according to the Vedas, the ancient sacred scriptures of Hinduism. It is a physical order of the universe which governs, for example, the sun and moon making their journeys across the sky. Or the regulation of seasons in their rotating order. Logistics of the universal phenomena are under this conception.

Rita is an eternal and cosmic order. At the same time, it is a divine order of moral living in harmony with the systems of the universe.

Rita is the disciplinary principle for everything which exists or contained in this universe. From atoms to humans, animals and plants, rivers, oceans to mountains, stars, sun and moon, and everything else observable or non-observable must function per Rita’s guidelines. If not, then it is ‘anrita,’ which represents complete disorder or disaster. The law of karma joins here as for as human behavior is concerned. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

By Promod Puri

Author: Promod Puri

Retired after 40 years of career in journalism. Former publisher and editor of The Link, a South Asian Canadian weekly newspaper from Vancouver, BC. Now a freelance writer. Published my first book titled "Hinduism:beyond rituals,customs and traditions". The book is educational dealing with all the facets of Hinduism. Websites:

5 thoughts on “Concept Of Rita In Hinduism”

  1. I think it got published twice, this article.
    Neat and simple. Ritam is indeed a concept than a mere word! In one of my posts I commented on Ritam as cyclic tail of Am-ritam and hence eternal. It is also interesting to note that only after defining ritam can we define Am-ritam (chaos), which again pre-manifests ritam as base.

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  2. I think it is Rit or Ritu which means seasons. Naturally, everything in nature is governed by different seasons. The seasons follow one after the another. It is a running circle which keeps on evolving. Similarly, there is morning, evening and night and childhood, youth and old age. In fact, it is a controlling principle and not any controlling supreme person.

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