1. The progressive, secular, tolerant Hinduism you advocate is what Hinduism really is. It allowed us to tolerate – and even promote – proselytising religions, tolerate destruction of Hindu temples and symbols of our heritage and help those who are deliberately trying to outnumber Hindus by conversion or excessive breeding, all to keep political power.


  2. Are Indian Muslims from Turkey or Arabia? No. They are ex-Hindus who converted to get the patronage of Muslim rulers setting an example to those who sought the favour of British Christian rulers by converting, though only in name, to Christianity. Indonesia, Bali & many nations prove that Hinduism was never fanatic. BJP should be rid of the fanatics & bigots to preserve India.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your two separate viewpoints. Really appreciate. The broadness of Hinduism lies in its welcoming divergent thoughts and viewpoints. The various Hindu schools of thoughts are a testimony to that. In this endeavor of the contribution of viewpoint, we very well serve the very nature of Hinduism. Once again thanks for taking the time to read the article and commenting on that.

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