Book Review: Purva Grover’s The Trees Told Me So is playwright’s delight

A very delightful review, every word reflects the shine of Purva’s pen. She can stir words to find depth and feelings in them. Creating a visualization is her writing ingeniousness.

Vishal Bhidu

Book Review: The Trees Told Me So

Author: Purva Grover

Publisher: Niyogi Books

Rating: Four and a half stars


Purva Grover’s The Trees Told Me So is a collection of short stories narrating about cities, hidden emotions, and memories in a tender and sensitive voice melting hearts. 11 stories, heart-wrenching, rare friendships made, love, simplicity of life is a delightful serving where each comes alive making it a color palette of form and, the dewdrop deeply layered lending a ubiquitous expression of visualization in this joyride.


Addiction is sold in the rusty and stained red, the betel leaves through the eyes of Chaurasia Panwala. Don’t we all have a favorite Panwala whose concoction melts our taste buds and hearts! Purva Grover paints a delectable image about hidden lives reverberating in the night pocked with noise and whipping a compelling story about the multitude charm of India.

“The Darkness…

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