Emerging Role Of Freeland In Liberal Party Of Canada

By Promod Puri

Amid the infamous issue involving the Trudeau government over the WE Charity controversy, and the subsequent resignation of finance minister Bill Morneau, we see a rapid emergence of Chrystia Freeland in the Liberal leadership ranking.

Freeland, who currently occupies the chair of deputy prime minister, has been assigned the additional portfolio of Finance Minister replacing Morneau.

Till recently, she was Canada’s External Affairs Minister who successfully and dexterously handled trade negotiations with the USA dealing through the tough bureaucratic team of the Trump administration.

In the current rapid movements of Freeland, from one job to another, establishes her versatility that she can fit into any ministerial role with confidence.

With that confidence and her ability to accept new challenges that it might not be surprising to see Freeland as the leader of the Liberal Party in case, Trudeau decides to retire from politics “for family reasons,” as most politicians quit pubic life on this ground.

The emergence of Freeland as a new leader will give the Liberal Party fresh image come next federal election.

 If this assessment is right, then the Liberal Party has a grand strategy to retain the power under a capable woman leadership of Chrystia Freeland.

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