India Urgently Needs A Comprehensive Diagnostic Study To Tackle Rape Epidemic

This is a disease that can’t be controlled by candles, protests, poetry, prose, and punishments.

By Promod Puri

It is disgraced and dreadful evil that has grown into an imperishable stain on the contemporary Indian scene as its social norm.

The evil is the rapist beast that lurks everywhere, ready to pounce on his victims at any given opportunity.

The sad story is that the nation has not begun in a comprehensive way to handle this ongoing spread of vicious crime against women.

Manisha of Hathras, Priyanka Reddy, Asifa Banu, Jyoti Singh “Nirbhay,” and hundreds perhaps thousands more became victims or will be next: now, today, or tomorrow.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, the country recorded an average of 87 rape cases every day in 2019.

Headlines make the scene, along with speeches and statements. Anger, frustrations, and emotions get ventilated. Slogans read: “hang them, shoot them.” People, young and old, men and women, burst in angry protests, candle vigils, and mass rallies. Articles are written and rewritten; poetry gets its space too. There is a flood of outrage on Social media. And a lot more expressed, discussed, and debated privately and on the press.

Meaningful but helpless expressions and interpretations, narrations and comments, become just rituals.

The fury and fuming continue for a few days, remain dormant, and then come back when another news of national shame breaks out. The cycle is renewed and rerun.

In its response, can the nation go beyond this emotional and enraged cry?

The hungry sex devils do not care and are immune to all the public outbursts. During the brutal moments, the evil lust dominates and erases any civility, morals, or even the laws against the vulturous acts of violence and rape. There is no fear and shame for them in society or their own families.

That is the reality that transfers a man, a teenager, from being a human to a beast.

They are diseased with a behaviour disorder. The syndrome erupts with an uncontrolled desire to grapple the victim, molest, and often burnt alive.

In those horrifying moments, the unconstrained sensual appetite supersedes the society’s protests and the legal warnings and punishments, including hanging. Their mental faculties are deranged. The aftermath consequences do not matter.

The civil society’s sentiments and strict legal statues cast an impact and bring hope and solace for the victims and their families.

But this is a disease that can’t be controlled by candles, protests, poetry, prose, and punishments.

Who are rapists?

Medical and psychological investigations can reveal the disease’s symptoms to present a diagnostic profile of a rapist.

The seriousness of the disease and its escalating spread must be of utmost concern for the nation’s medical community, especially in the social psychology and related faculties, along with other social scientists to deliberate on all aspects of the rape issues.

After all, it is not only the women who get raped, but in the developing rape culture, the entire nation is a victim.

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