Armies are meant to defend leaders who create wars to engage the armies and arouse nationalism and patriotism by generating hysteria to justify their leaderships. Except to help people in natural disasters, do we need armies and spend millions, billions and trillions of dollars in the name of “defense”, from whom? Except for the defense of leaders.

-Promod Puri


  1. I disagree Promodji…
    U can look at it the other way too… not having an army is taken to be a sign of cowardice and the neighbour is tempted to take over… best example is Tibet…


  2. There are 23 countries in the world today who do not have armies. Those include Costa Rica and Panama, surrounded by other nations. It all depends on how the leaderships of countries conduct their ties with neighbors. yes, in this age when the world is shrinking because of better communications and sharing of knowledge nations should strive for the army-free world. Needless to say, billions and trillions of dollars can be saved to be used for the welfare of humanity.

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