Super Salad, Trump, Mantras, Web Pages Highlights Of 2016


By Promod Puri

Time flies. So was the year 2016.

As the cliché goes “it seems only yesterday” when we ushered into 2016 with traditional exchange of greetings and a new set of resolutions.

While the self-promises if achieved become milestones of the year, there are acts and feats of learning and acquiring new knowledge which add to our life’s experiences.

Personally, that was the year 2016 gaining knowledge and experience which launched me into my own web pages, and  Here I can use my own channels for everything which I write, rewrite, scrawl, and scribble.

It all started when my book Hinduism beyond rituals, customs and traditions got published early in January last year that I needed some outlets to trumpet the world that here is something to read about.

This was also the year which kept me quite occupied to write on a range of subjects, essays and articles, and features includingbits and pieces”.

From Trump to Swastika, Manusmiriti to Ambedkar, Hindutva to Assembly of God, “Guru Maneyo Granthto Universality of Hindu Mantras, Quantum Theory and Om, Role of Religion in Politics, from Kashmir to Castro’s Cuba, racism to the politics of the Left and Right, from Gandhi to singer Jagjit Singh, and many more, along with lighter subjects like Uncles and Aunties, Banana Hanger,  Cricket Vs Soccer, stairs as an exercise, etc. that all these topics kept me dedicated to my cognitive senses, while the fingers kept moving on the keyboard.

Creating the web pages and learning its intricacies (with tremendous help from Kapil) have been a rewarding challenge which are no doubt my highlights of 2016.

Beside the web pages, another focus of the year is my signature Super Salad creation, yes, the edible salad. It is a mix of over 15 ingredients from fresh greens to edamame, fruits, seeds, and nuts, and to top it off with basil pesto; tossing them all together, and enjoying it with a glass of wine (optional).

Overall, it was a very meaningful year. In recognition of that, my 2017 resolution is that I will continue where I left when the 2016 edition folded.

Happy New Year and enjoy visits to my websites:

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