By Promod Puri The Trump Wall between the USA and Mexico is not a dead issue as far as Trump’s most promised election agenda is concerned. In some lighter but brighter thinking, the Trump Wall has some merits in his ambitious project, a legacy which will be lot more wider and taller than any other presidents in the history of America. Here is a fictional dialogue between Trump and one of his close businessman friends: Businessman: Can you shed some light on this controversial wall proposal, as many people on both sides of the border ridiculed your fancy. Trump: It … Continue reading TRUMP WALL HAS SOME MERITS

Trump’s Explosive Tone Dangerous For World Peace

The United Nations is not necessarily a decision-making body, but a meeting place of supposed to be of knowledgeable people sharing their knowledge with other knowledgeable people to create understanding, and more specifically to establish trust among themselves. But when president Trump made his inaugural speech at the UN past week all norms of civility were tossed, and the world body was indeed rattled where objectives of understanding and trust were lost in the din of his loaded provocation which is dangerous to the world peace. -Promod Puri Continue reading Trump’s Explosive Tone Dangerous For World Peace

Trump Wall Can Be A No.1 Tourist Attraction

By Promod Puri The Trump Wall between the USA and Mexico is not a dead issue as far as Trump’s most promised election agenda is concerned. In some lighter but brighter thinking, the Trump Wall has some merits in his ambitious project, a legacy which will be lot more wider and taller than any other presidents in the history of America. Here is a fictional dialogue between Trump and one of his close businessman friend: Businessman: Can you shed some light on this controversial wall proposal, as many people on both sides of the border ridiculed your fancy. Trump: It … Continue reading Trump Wall Can Be A No.1 Tourist Attraction

In Words Obama & Trump Speak Same

Ronald R. Krebs, University of Minnesota and Robert Ralston, University of Minnesota Six months have passed since Donald Trump entered the Oval Office. His administration remains deeply understaffed. His legislative agenda is stymied. He has been active in issuing executive orders, but many are toothless, others are only in the early stages of undoing Obama policies and some are tied up in the courts. So far, Trump’s leadership has mostly been defined by his rhetoric. And his rhetoric, the conventional wisdom holds, could not be more different from his predecessor’s. Barack Obama was, as president, eloquent. His language was sophisticated. … Continue reading In Words Obama & Trump Speak Same

Trump is a political genius

It seems our desire for instant gratification has conquered politics. Voters are channel-hopping, snacking on ideologies and political styles, moving on as soon as they’re bored. In that light, Donald Trump is a political genius: His slippery, shifting positions on just about everything command attention and perfectly reflect the restless mood of the times. People are eager for something—anything—different, and damn any concerns about consistency. There is something to admire in this increased ideological flexibility, given how quickly our world is changing and how stale many parties’ platforms have become. But gratification isn’t satisfaction, and entertaining politics isn’t good government.—Jason … Continue reading Trump is a political genius

Meryl Streep Slams Trump At Golden Globes

“….who are we, and what is Hollywood anyway? It’s just a bunch of people from other places. I was born and raised and educated in the public schools of New Jersey. Viola was born in a sharecropper’s cabin in South Carolina, came up in Central Falls, Rhode Island; Sarah Paulson was born in Florida, raised by a single mom in Brooklyn. Sarah Jessica Parker was one of seven or eight kids in Ohio. Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy. And Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem. Where are their birth certificates? And the beautiful Ruth Negga was born in … Continue reading Meryl Streep Slams Trump At Golden Globes

Super Salad, Trump, Mantras, Web Pages Highlights Of 2016

By Promod Puri Time flies. So was the year 2016. As the cliché goes “it seems only yesterday” when we ushered into 2016 with traditional exchange of greetings and a new set of resolutions. While the self-promises if achieved become milestones of the year, there are acts and feats of learning and acquiring new knowledge which add to our life’s experiences. Personally, that was the year 2016 gaining knowledge and experience which launched me into my own web pages, and  Here I can use my own channels for everything which I write, rewrite, scrawl, and scribble. It all … Continue reading Super Salad, Trump, Mantras, Web Pages Highlights Of 2016

What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?

  Republican nominee Donald Trump was recently invited to a fundraising event organized by a conservative group of Hindu Americans, the Republican Hindu Coalition. A poster from the event, which describes the group as “Hindus for Trump,” portrays the candidate in a posture much like that of a yogi in deep meditation. It shows Trump, face pointing upward and hands outstretched, rising up from a mass of red, white and blue flower petals in the shape of a lotus. Prominently displayed in the center is the Indian sacred syllable, “om,” decorated with stars and stripes. Om is the preeminent Sanskrit … Continue reading What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?

Trump Has Great Plan For America

  (Wamiq Misbahi in NY Times)Trump is a man with a vision for America, not a specific vision, a great vision…the best vision…Trump has a plan to make this country great again….What plan??….a great plan…a plan that will work because it’s the best plan…..Why???… because Trump knows good people…which people???….the best people….people that are not stupid like other people….people who know how to get deals done…what deals???…great deals…the biggest deals… because I know words… What words???…I have the best words… I get my information from watching TV… I consult with myself because I have a great brain… A great brain???…the … Continue reading Trump Has Great Plan For America

President Donald Trump On The Phone With…….

Trump: Yes, yes Warren, it is me, Donald Trump, the President of the Untied States of America. Warren: Oh, thank you Mr. President for attending to my phone call. I was just wondering how it is going so far. Trump: Things should be going smooth soon. A pile of files is sitting on the presidential desk. My temperament is not used to reading. All my life I worked with my gut feelings. And that is the culture I want to introduce here in the White House. Warren: That is going to be tough…… Trump: Not really Warren, it is going … Continue reading President Donald Trump On The Phone With…….

How To Win Elections Trump Style

By Promod Puri Unless a celestial intervention takes place the next spectacle of the American election will be the pompous entry of Donald Trump as Republican nominee in the presidential race. In his march toward clinching the party’s nomination Trump has revealed the very landscape of America which is still extensively dotted with xenophobic swamps and bogs breeding and feeding the Klan-everglades. Trump’s battle for nomination seems to be a well-planned strategy, and being a demagog he has successfully rounded up American diehards to create a nation-wide constituency of ultraconservatives. Consequent to that Trump does not belong to the Republican … Continue reading How To Win Elections Trump Style

Getting The Best Out Of Turmoil And Turbulence of 2020

Corona invasion has disciplined our lives, from masking to six feet distancing and restricting travels, socials and shopping.

Joys, engagements and ease of life navigated new options. A circadian lifestyle is one where a daily routine is possible with the least of disturbances and distractions.

Continue reading Getting The Best Out Of Turmoil And Turbulence of 2020

American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation

“conservation will succeed only if it can support the goal of a dignified life for all humans and nonhuman species.” Prakash Kashwan, University of Connecticut The United States is having a long-overdue national reckoning with racism. From criminal justice to pro sports to pop culture, Americans increasingly are recognizing how racist ideas have influenced virtually every sphere of life in this country. This includes the environmental movement. Recently the Sierra Club – one of the oldest and largest U.S. conservation organizations – acknowledged racist views held by its founder, author and conservationist John Muir. In some of his writing, Muir … Continue reading American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation

US Presidential Race

And the rest of the news from across the border is Bernie Sanders has quit the Democratic nomination race. He hangs up his hat and let Joe Biden enter the ring where the foregone conclusion is President Trump would have an easy win unless some divine intervention happens. Flickering pragmatism of Biden wins over the dogmatic consistency of Sanders. It is the second time in a row that Sanders has dropped out to the disappointment of many looking for a real change in the political environment of the USA. Americans expected this change from Barrick Obama. But more words were … Continue reading US Presidential Race


Trump calls it the Chinese flu. It could be expected from him given that he decerns issues at a very basic and unintelligible level. Is it the language of the common man in the USA. Perhaps it is, especially in the rural areas of the country. So, why a hyperbole has been created. The naming of virus-related spreading diseases has been the practice for a long time. We had Spanish flu, West Nile Virus, Zika, Ebola, etc. Then hurricanes are titled after popular names from both the genders. In lighter veins, Mexico seems it does not mind the use of … Continue reading “CHINESE FLU”

Democracy In The USA Very Expensive Route To Elect A Govt.

Democrat aspirant Michael Bloomberg is the 12th richest man in the world with a net worth of over $60 billion. If he wins the nomination, Bloomberg will be pitted against another billionaire, the incumbent president, Donald Trump. And this is where money will be a behemoth to impact the election scene. In the USA, unlike most other democracies in the world, the sky is the limit in election spending. Bloomberg joined the nomination race in November last year, much later than other candidates. According to a report in the Quartz, he has already spent over $400 million, compared to $120 … Continue reading Democracy In The USA Very Expensive Route To Elect A Govt.


Elected politicians all over the globe often boast about their economic achievements when their countries’ GDP goes up. And countrymen are impressed. For example, Trump can pride himself as the USA’s GDP has grown to $21.7 trillion last year, a massive gain that makes the country the most significant economic power in the world. GDP stands for gross domestic product, meaning the total market value of all the goods and services produced within the country. That gross production includes everything produced and purchased, services generated and bought, and investments made. When the GDP number of a given year is divided … Continue reading NEED TO GO BEYOND GDP

Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith

People participate in a candlelight vigil near the White House to protest violence against Sikhs in 2012. AP Photo/Susan Walsh by Simran Jeet Singh, New York University An elderly Sikh gentleman in Northern California, 64-year-old Parmjit Singh, was recently stabbed to death while taking a walk in the evening. Authorities are still investigating the killer’s motive, but community members have asked the FBI to investigate the killing. For many among the estimated 500,000 Sikhs in the U.S., it wouldn’t be the first time. According to the Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh civil rights organization in North America, this is the … Continue reading Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith

Rise Of People’s Party Would Help Liberals

By Promod Puri The best thing which can happen to the Liberal Party in the October election would be the rise of Maxime Bernier People’s Party. According to the latest poll, the People’s Party has three percent support across Canada. And if the party gathers momentum, the kicked-out leader from the Conservative Party would significantly help the Liberals by vote-splitting among the diehard Conservatives. That would be a strategical development on which the Liberals will keep a tab in its game plan for the upcoming federal election. In the meantime, the latest numbers as gathered by the Research Co., suggest the … Continue reading Rise Of People’s Party Would Help Liberals

Some Island Countries Are On The Verge Of Drowning

An atoll in the Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the South Pacific that’s in danger of disappearing due to climate change. (Shutterstock) Sarah M. Munoz, Université de Montréal Global climate change is endangering small island countries, many of them developing nations, potentially harming their ability to function as independent states. As international environmental co-operation stalls, we must ask what consequences climate change will have on the statehood of vulnerable countries. This is especially important because sovereignty is the most important principle in international relations. Any threat to a nation’s sovereignty could have unprecedented repercussions for global governance. A … Continue reading Some Island Countries Are On The Verge Of Drowning

Why India elections are more about Modi than anything else

Britta Ohm, Université de Berne India votes until May 19, and Western media and opinion seem to be slowly waking up to the dangers faced by what is often hailed as “the world’s largest democracy” to constitutional guarantees. Like in other cases of today’s right-wing and populist authoritarianisms around the world, these dangers are not completely new, even if they are rising in a particular fashion. “Good days are coming” The currently held general elections in India are seen by many as a watershed. Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made his way over the past two decades … Continue reading Why India elections are more about Modi than anything else

2019 Poll: BJP Leads In Social Media Use

In India, WhatsApp is a weapon of antisocial hatred Smartphones are a conduit for misinformation about the Indian election. AP Photo/Manish Swarup Rohit Chopra, Santa Clara University A general election in India, the world’s most populous democracy, seems a theoretical impossibility. Collecting the votes of nearly a billion people across a staggeringly diverse subcontinent has for more than half a century faced challenges of logistics, politics, economics, violence and law. This year, a new challenge has arisen in the form of social media – specifically the text messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. Hate speech, disinformation and scary rumors on … Continue reading 2019 Poll: BJP Leads In Social Media Use

Mueller Report Spares The Big One

By Promod Puri The Hindi phrase “khoda pahar nikla chuha (dug the mountain, got out a rat) or the English equivalent: much ado about nothing, is the essence of Robert Mueller’s partially-released report. However, in this case instead catch of one single big rat, the two-year-long digging did find lot more casualties, 34 of them in all, much to the disappointment of many who were expecting an explosive closure. It all began when Donald Trump was accused that he along with his election team conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 US presidential poll. The high-profile investigation which involved many … Continue reading Mueller Report Spares The Big One

Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy

Have we lost our grip on the truth? Shutterstock Arie Kruglanski, University of Maryland The concept of truth is under assault, but our troubles with truth aren’t exactly new. What’s different is that in the past, debates about the status of truth primarily took place in intellectual cafes and academic symposia among philosophers. These days, uncertainty about what to believe is endemic – a pervasive feature of everyday life for everyday people. “Truth isn’t truth” – Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, famously said in August. His statement wasn’t as paradoxical as it might have appeared. It means that our … Continue reading Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy


NATIVE MAYOR OF VANCOUVER MORE THAN SYMBOLIC Political Evolution Through Science, And Religion Trudeau Establishes New Political Etiquettes AMID FUROR TRUDEAU CREATES NEW POLITICAL ETIQUETTES: Side Effects Of Democracy Politics Of Silence Over Padmaavat Cripples Democracy Does America Have Caste System Too? Democracy Damaged By Political Silence Over Padmavat Cashless Society Can Be Catastrophic When Electricity, Networks, Security Fail Jagmeet Singh: New National Hero On Canadian Political Front Canadians ask: “is it safe to go to USA” Multi Aspects Of Balraj Puri’s Patriotism Apology From Govt. of Canada Behind Modi: The Growing Influence Of Indian Lobby What does Trump have … Continue reading Politics


CONTROLLING FAKE HINDU GURUS WHY INDIA MUST KNOW ABOUT VAISAKHI…. Besides Humans Everything Else Has Consciousness Too Temple Hinduism, Meditation And Karma God’s Contemplation in Rational & Practical Environments SEEKING EVOLUTION IN RELIGIONS Diwali Mubarak Message To Canada’s PM Rakshabandan’ – the festival that celebrates the brother-sister bond EASTER AND VAISAKHI: FESTIVALS OF NEW BEGINNING RELIGION HAS GUIDING ROLE IN POLITICS Building Divine Residency More Relevant Than Knowing God He or She MANUSMIRITI AND WOMEN What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om? TOLERANCE OR ACCEPTANCE From The Pen Of Baba Bulleh Shah Museum Of Sikh … Continue reading Religion

Carbon Capturing Worth Believing To Save Environment

By Akshat Rathi Most of us don’t change our minds. Whether the issue at hand is the repeal of net neutrality in the US or Brexit in the UK, we avoid information that might shift our viewpoints, assuming that our opponents are simply dumber than we are. But recently, I had a change of heart about an important issue—and it showed me that it can be detrimental to stick too closely to our convictions. For the past year, I’ve been investigating the controversial technology of “clean coal”—more accurately known as carbon capture and storage—which allows us to burn fossil fuels without almost any emissions. Many vocal environmentalists … Continue reading Carbon Capturing Worth Believing To Save Environment

Under Canada’s Immigration Detention System Deaths & Human Rights Violations

Two refugee children from Eritrea sit in the back of a police cruiser after crossing the border from New York into Canada in March 2017 near Hemmingford, Que. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz) Petra Molnar, University of Toronto and Stephanie J Silverman, University of Toronto Lucia Vega Jimenez, 42, Mexico. Jan Szamko, 31, Czech Republic. Melkioro Gahungu, 64, Burundi. Abdurahman Hassan, 39, Somalia And at least 11 more. Earlier this month, an unnamed 50-year-old woman died while being detained in a maximum-security provincial jail in Ontario. She did not commit any crimes, but was imprisoned because of her immigration status. Since … Continue reading Under Canada’s Immigration Detention System Deaths & Human Rights Violations


They say silence is golden. And Obama is collecting a lot of gold these days after he was done with the US presidency. Is there a strategical reason for him to be quite on major issues? In the politics of silence, which is now a common practice among many world politicians, Modi of India excels in that, there is always some game plan or reason not be get involved. In the case of Obama, perhaps his rationale is, if he speaks out on an issue, the Republicans for the party’s solidarity sake will align more towards Trump. Isolating Trump from … Continue reading POLITICS OF SILENCE

Dreamers Dream In Jeopardy

It is an opportunity for US Congress men and women, especially Republicans, to exercise their nobility and virtue to save the dreams of over 800,000 Dreamers as their future is being threatened by possible deportation by apathetic head of the United States, Donald Trump. The law-abiding people came to the United States decades ago as toddlers and children along with their parents who entered the country “illegally”. Continue reading Dreamers Dream In Jeopardy

Despite Difference Of Opinion Friends Are Friends

By Promod Puri

In split second, rather much sooner, memories can take us to revisit some interesting spots in our lives.

For me, one of such repeat visits is to the primary class where I graduated myself from grade 5th to grade 6th and started learning English from alphabets to making small sentences. Towards the end of the one-year term, to the surprise of my teacher, I could write cursive English, meaning script writing by joining the letters.

In the English class, our writing assignments included composing “essays” of about 50 to 150 words. And as I remember the assigned topics were writings on the dog as man’s best friend, benefits from cow, and the stories titled “thirsty crow”, “grapes are sour”, “slow and steady wins the race” between tortoise and rabbit, etc. We were also asked to compose applications addressed to the headmaster requesting a leave of absence describing reasons including being sick.
One composition I still recall was to write a portrayal of the best friend.
Writing about a best friend was not that intricate as most of the help came from elder family members, or just through my innocent and naive imaginations. But in this exercise, the concept of thinking about friends or cultivating friendship was mindfully and firmly established.
Over the years I have developed that relationship of having friends, close friends, family friends, and best friends.

They say, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. True, but our distress needs are seldom. For most of the time friends take care of our social compulsions to have some informal, happy, and entertaining times together.

In these relaxed occasions, we enjoy each others company of vacationing together, dining together or just having coffee together. We discuss, argue, or debate issues, events, experiences, etc. on a range of subjects depending upon our mutual interests.

Meet My Friend.

From this social aspect of friendship, I would like to bring up here a close long-time family friend. His name is Ramkishen (the real name is concealed for identity reason).

In introducing Ramkishen, I would say he is quite a smart, well-mannered, and well-dressed person. Hard working and actively involved in community affairs, he is always helpful and truly belongs to the friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed class of people.

Ramkishen is selective secular and bends naturally towards the political Right. He belongs to the 2016 batch of Trump Republicans, but lately a bit cynical as well, and a Modi “bhagat” (avid supporter). He is a ritualistically religious person and a devout Hindu. He has a red thread tied on his right wrist, which lately has become a symbol of being Hindu.
Ramkishen is an enjoyable conversationalist with knowledge mostly borrowed from fake news sources. Overall, I would say he is an affable personality.
For some reason(s) Ramkishen is anti-Muslim.
The other day, while as usual jumping from one topic to another, we were having interesting talks. Our friendly discussions ended up in God’s colossal authority, His management or mismanagement concerning the affairs of the universe, especially His handling of the deteriorating world problems. We agreed that we have some genuine “shikwa”, the Urdu word for complaint, against Him including His varied creations. And this is where Ramkishen pointed out that “the biggest mistake God ever made was creating Muslims”.
For a moment, looking at his face, I was completely dumbstruck. On several previous meets, Ramkishen made many derogatory and racist remarks also. But this one seemed to be the climax of his anti-Muslim tirade. Shocked that the guy could go down to that ultra racist level to advocate his hatred towards the entire race of Muslims, that I felt lynching his tainted mindset.
He is a friend. And hoping one day he, along with many more Ramkishens among the bourgeois Hindus, get exposed to true knowledge, discernment, and humaneness, so they would review their bigoted views.
In the meantime, back to the 6th-grade memories, I like to play again in my cursive writings with those little essays on a cow, dog, the thirsty crow, and the best friend.
Promod Puri is a journalist and writer. He is author of “Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions”, a book which explores the rational, secular and progressive nature of Hinduism.
Continue reading “Despite Difference Of Opinion Friends Are Friends”

Behind Modi: The Growing Influence Of Indian Lobby

By Ashok Sharma Ashok Sharma, University of New South Wales, Canberra at Australian Defence Force Academy One has 32.9 million Twitter followers; the other has 31 million. When U.S. President Donald Trump met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on June 26, Trump chose to draw attention to something the leaders have in common by saying “We are world leaders on social media.” Prior to the June 26 meeting, news analysts focused on how the U.S.-India relationship was strained over possible changes to the U.S. H1B visa program. Approximately 70 percent of these visas were issued to … Continue reading Behind Modi: The Growing Influence Of Indian Lobby

Am I A Hindu In India

By Promod Puri I am a proud Canadian citizen. In this land of multi-cultural and multi-religious freedoms I am also a proud Hindu. But when I visit India I am not a Hindu. Because, I confess, many, many, many times I have eaten beef steaks. And that I am not “hiding” the fact that our refrigerator often has minced beef. I am not a Hindu in India because I don’t adore Trump, and I did not share the pictures showing special Hindu prayers for his success in the US presidential race. Unlike Trump, I am not an anti-refugee, and I’m … Continue reading Am I A Hindu In India


With massive parade of over half a million people in Washington the day after the presidential Inauguration, the spirit of democracy is still alive in the USA before Trump manipulates it. But in India it is showing signs of being out of breath. If democracy is not nurtured by dissent and protests then it gets rotten from inside like a hollow tree. Continue reading POWER OF PROTEST

Far-Left, Far-Right: Both Can Lead To Authoritarianism

Michael Patrick Cullinane, Reader in US History, Northumbria University, Newcastle As the 20th century wore on, the extremes of left and right proved to be remarkably similar; fascists and communists, for instance, were equally proficient in the ways and their means of authoritarianism. We might think political ideologies cover a linear spectrum ranging from left to right, but a more suitable symbol is the horseshoe – the far-left and far-right ideologies residing at the tips, rather closer together than they might care to admit. Why is this history lesson worth remembering today? Although the media report endlessly on Trump … Continue reading Far-Left, Far-Right: Both Can Lead To Authoritarianism

Racism Is More Than White,Black Or Brown

By Promod Puri Despite its global image of being a tolerant society, racism, and bias towards major ethnic communities are still the rooted aspects of Canada. Added to that, ethnic communities also have mindset racist sentiments among themselves. Moreover, some or most of them exercise bigotry and dislike within their own group. A recent poll by Forum Research reveals the “unfavorable feelings” toward both religious and cultural minorities existing not only among the people but among the voters of all the three national political parties as well. The poll says 41 percent of Canadians do not feel favorable about at … Continue reading Racism Is More Than White,Black Or Brown

American Election Scene

Let us dump Trump and not see his face again. With American politics at an all-time low, it’s no wonder that game developers are taking to their art to express their discontent with the presidential race. The last time we had a presidential race, social media wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today, but now I see Donald Trump all over my newsfeed on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s no wonder that Trump has also leaked into the video game world. Trump Dump is a mobile game that lets those take their anger out on Trump. Trump Dump works … Continue reading American Election Scene

By Purva Grover

Amazing!!excellently written book in a simple way on a complicated subject Hinduism is not a religion,it is a science in itself Must read book for all Great job done by the author Dr Sandeep Dhavan Gastroenterologist, Chandigarh, India A JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVER By Purva Grover, Editor Indian Trumpet, Dubai Often, we’re not introduced to religion, rarely are we given a choice to pick one. Born in a Hindu family, you follow Hinduism, which as the debate goes is more than a religion; a way of life. When you start reading the book, Hinduism: Beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions by author (Editor-Journalist) Promod … Continue reading By Purva Grover

An Overview of the American Election Scene

Following the American election is like watching a live theatrical performance of wit and idiocy. The ongoing show besides its elements of great entertainment and fuel for discussion, reveals the left-right extremes of current American political thinking and behavior. No doubt the most colorful and watched character in this spectacle is Donald Trump who impulsively spits out his unscripted discourses the moment these are created in his narcissist egghead workshop. The stupidity of Trump-level scripts is his big asset. He sure does a good job in creating the scenarios which are scary when introduced, but often laughable and entertaining as … Continue reading An Overview of the American Election Scene

Other Notable Reviews

Gillian Hancock– Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers “Hinduism” by Promod Puri is a must-read for anyone studying, or interested in, the topic of Hinduism. It is very engaging and the author writes with great knowledge and passion as he takes on certain aspects of Hinduism in a way I’ve never read before, and I was so impressed with the depth of Puri’s detailing on his reports and the way he is able to explain so much about Hinduism that I didn’t even know. At times I did feel it could have used some trimming down as it felt … Continue reading Other Notable Reviews


By Vishal Bheeroo Religion is the opium of the people, Karl Marx said. Since times immemorial, various school of thoughts debated on the role religion plays in our lives to strengthen order and unify society rather than being a divisive force. Author Promod Puri’s book ‘Hinduism beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions’ doesn’t pose as mere religious tokenism but is a real, honest attempt to analyze our fundamental values and the relevance of Hindu culture in the modern age. Read More Aditi Garg, Tribune India Some say Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and one that is still widely … Continue reading REVIEWS