Hinduism Beyond Rituals Customs and Traditions

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For most of us the tag of religion we belong to is given by our parents. And the specific rituals, customs and traditions we follow identify us belonging to a particular religion or faith.

“HINDUISM beyond ritual, customs and traditions” is an attempt to traverse further and explore its richness in the areas of spiritual and philosophical thoughts, and to recognize the religion’s rational, liberal, secular and diverse fundamentals.

Hinduism is not merely a religion or as the cliché goes: a way of life. It is a multi-disciplinary academy as well.

From rituals to murti-puja, mantra and metaphysics, karma and moksha, to meditation and yoga, and all its recreational aspects like music, dance and drama, Hinduism is a disciplinary as well as a comprehensive experience of spiritual development in liberal and progressive regime.

Moving beyond its rituals, customs and traditions, this study on Hinduism explores the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of the religion, and succinctly perceives its entirety.

A two-fold approach has been made in this presentation. One is to expose the liberal, progressive and secular nature and constitution of Hinduism. And the other one is to introduce rational and empirical interpretations of philosophies and numinous concepts comprising the multi-facet structure of Hinduism.

The 122-page book stimulates and encourages debate, protest, amendments and even deletions of those doctrines or beliefs which are senseless, derogatory, and far from truth.

It is a comprehensive study but still concise in its presentation.Enjoy and get enriched in Hinduism, the dynamic and most ancient religion in the world.

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