NANAK DUKHIYA SABB SANSAR SO SUKHIYA JIS NAAM ADHAAR (Loosely translated: Nanak says life for everybody is suffering, blissful is the one who has based his/her life on Him) That is the universal truth. Agony, misery, pain, suffering, both physical and emotional, and in all degrees of intensity are the realities of life experienced by all beings without exception. And in the midst of bliss, peace, and pleasure, life means jitters of distress, grief, and worries as well. There is hardly any escape from these taxing and unpleasant realities littered all the way toward life’s end. The sufferings could be … Continue reading NANAK DUKHIYA SABB SANSAR SO SUKHIYA JIS NAAM ADHAAR

A 9-point Agenda For PM Modi To save India’s Democracy

1. Restore confidence in the judiciary 2. Restore confidence in the Election Commission 3. Restore the independence of media 4. Restore the independence of the Reserve Bank of India 5. Restore the supremacy of the country’s constitution 6. Restore the credibility of the department of statistics 7. Control fanatic bhagats lynching and terrorizing minorities, killing and threatening dissidents, writers, and journalists. 8. Remove the atmosphere of fear and vengeance. 9. Keep Hinduism intact, being damaged by Hindutva zealots. –Promod Puri (author Hinduism beyond rituals, customs, and traditions, websites:,, and Continue reading A 9-point Agenda For PM Modi To save India’s Democracy

The Historical Building At Main And 6th In Vancouver

By Promod Puri The grey stucco building at the south-east corner of Main Street and 6th Avenue in Vancouver was once a hub of the Indo-Canadian community in the early ‘70s and part of ‘80s. It was the Indo-Canadian media center along with small businesses owned by the community members having their offices in the building. Prominent among its occupants were veteran broadcaster and the voice of the community Sushma, and her business partner Nizar Dhamji. They had their recording studios for TV and radio broadcasting. Much before Sushma and Nizar moved in, the building had the distinction of being … Continue reading The Historical Building At Main And 6th In Vancouver

Remembering Komagata Maru

Statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, May 23, 2019 “One hundred and five years ago the Komagata Maru steamship arrived in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet. On board were 376 Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus of South Asian origin hoping to settle in Canada and build a better life for themselves and their families. “Few of them ever set foot on Canadian soil. Immigration officials, enforcing discriminatory laws of the time, did not allow the ship to dock. For two months, passengers were confined to the ship and denied regular access to food and water. The Canadian government of the day eventually forced … Continue reading Remembering Komagata Maru

Garbage Is An Escalating World Problem

by Promod Puri Countries worldwide seem to be facing an escalating problem as to where to dump their daily accumulation of non-composite garbage. Shiploads of containers carrying all kinds of waste from electronic to plastics and even household garbage are floating the world seas finding their final resting or burial place. After China changed its policy not to accept electronic and plastic waste anymore, and other countries like Malaysia and the Philippines, refusing to be dumping places either, the developed countries are stranded with their garbage. Recently, Philippines “threatened” Canada to take back its garbage sitting on the former’s shores … Continue reading Garbage Is An Escalating World Problem

PM Modi Pursues Politics Of Hindu Nationalism- What Does That Mean

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is garlanded after winning the elections. AP Photo/Manish Swarup Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University Almost immediately after winning a second term in office on May 23, India’s Prime Minister Modi gave a speech making light of parties and individuals who had espoused secularism over the past five years. During the five years while the Indian government has been led by Modi and the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party – or BJP – several Muslims were lynched on allegations of eating beef or even just transporting cattle for slaughter. As the number of attacks on Muslims grew, Modi … Continue reading PM Modi Pursues Politics Of Hindu Nationalism- What Does That Mean


Kachi kali si nazuk dil mera ….koi sungh ke ainwen marhorh giya..jeeonda rave oh ji sadke ve jehrha laake mohabattan torh giya. This super hit Punjabi song from film Koday Shah (1953) has been one of my most favorites for a long time. The music by talented Sardul Kwatra is superb. I met Mr. Kwatra many years ago during one of his musical shows in Vancouver. When I praised him for his excellence in composing the music for Koday Shah, he humbly accepted the compliments. The song brilliantly sung by Shamshad Begum was also his favorite. Penned by Verma Malik, … Continue reading BEAUTIFUL PUNJABI SONG


Recently I read an interesting article on 7-Eleven stores and their worldwide growth in 17 countries besides the ones in the USA where the company was founded in 1927. Around the world, 7-Eleven has 68,236 stores, and the largest presence is in Asia. The new owners are a Japanese holding company who bought 7-Eleven from the Texas-based The Southern Corporation in 2005. My only interest in reading the long article was back in the ‘70s when I migrated to Canada. 7-Eleven was one of the places where I had my initial jobs. The job interview was quick, and I was hired … Continue reading WHEN I WORKED AT 7-ELEVEN STORE:

Sahir Ludhianvi’s Romantic Poetry…pyar par bas to nahin hai—

Sahir Ludhianvi in his romantic mood penned this beautiful composition adorned with equal passion by Talat Mehmood and Asha Bhonsle in the film Sone Ki Chidiyya (1958). Asha Bhonsle did not say a word in the Song, but Music director O.P. Nayyar used her voice as soft ‘alaap’ enhancing the feelings of the poet. Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin fir bhi Tu bata de ki tujhe pyaar karun ya na karun Mere khwaabon ke jharokon ko sajaanewaali Tere khwaabon men kahin mera guzar hai ke nahin Puchhakar apani nigaahon se bata de mujhako Meri raaton ke mukddar … Continue reading Sahir Ludhianvi’s Romantic Poetry…pyar par bas to nahin hai—

Monkey Show of Goswami

The picture is deceiving, but this guy, with his glasses and intellectual look, was the most aggressive host I have ever seen on TV. The name I was told while watching the India election coverage with friends, is Arnab Goswami of Republic TV. I could digest the outpouring of results in favor of Modi and his party, but Goswami was totally barbaric in his language and actions. It was a monkey show with verbal diarrhea, Goswami was clapping, raising arms, jumping off and walking away from his seat. First, I took it as side entertainment, but later it became totally … Continue reading Monkey Show of Goswami

Sahir Ludhianvi in a different mood

Sahir Ludhianvi in his romantic mood penned this beautiful composition adorned with equal passion by Talat Mehmood and Asha Bhonsle in the film Sone Ki Chidiyya (1958). Asha Bhonsle did not say a word in the Song, but Music director O.P. Nayyar used her voice as soft ‘alaap’ enhancing the feelings of the poet. Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin fir bhi Tu bata de ki tujhe pyaar karun ya na karun Mere khwaabon ke jharokon ko sajaanewaali Tere khwaabon men kahin mera guzar hai ke nahin Puchhakar apani nigaahon se bata de mujhako Meri raaton ke mukddar … Continue reading Sahir Ludhianvi in a different mood


A  juggernaut of all the resources and forces, while crushing the opposition, pulled the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under prime minister Narendra Modi’s command to another massive victory in the just concluded India election. An army of hard-core members of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), the leading partner in the alliance, disciplined media, unlimited funds, absolute and effective use of social media, plus the disunited Left and Centre opposition all contributed to Modi’s and party for another five year of running the largest but blighted democracy in the world. In this juggernaut which continues with promises of more development and … Continue reading THE MODI WAVE CONTINUES


By Promod Puri It is the institutional damage which is a primary cause of concern for the survival and functioning of democracy in India. The plummet of the Congress paved the way for the BJP to capture the power four years ago primarily by nurturing and exploiting its inherent strength in Hindu nationalism. It is under this ideological guideline that the BJP has got an opportunity to reshape the very character of India’s democratic institutions. Judiciary, election commission, media, and statistics are some of the most operative integrals of democracy which keep it authoritative, functional, dynamic, and accountable. If any or … Continue reading WHY MODI AND HIS PARTY SHOULD NOT WIN AGAIN

In Contemporary Meditation Mantra Can Be In Any Language

By Promod Puri One of the most ingrained and perhaps efficacious features of Hinduism is the mantra. A mantra inherently is the delivery of sacred word(s) or a sound with literal meaning or without meaning, but capable of inducing an environment of divinity. Despite their antiquated origin during Vedic period of Hindu history, mantras in verses offer contemporary interpretations of intellectual spirituality, mystic expressions, scriptural usage, and ritualistic incantations. Besides its literate depths, mantra’s pervasiveness and absorption in the conscious mind are the essentials of its numinous integrity. Melodic and metrical compositions draw out coherent and thematic features of mantras in verse. … Continue reading In Contemporary Meditation Mantra Can Be In Any Language

Sikhism Dwells In Its Saint-soldier Philosophy

By Promod Puri Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh represent two distinct aspects of Sikhism. In the evolution of Sikhism, together these significant facets symbolize the Khalsa, a saint-soldier designation which is pure, clean, and free. The saint-soldier image of the Khalsa was initiated by Guru Nanak and got concluded by Guru Gobind Singh, according to historian Gokul Chand Narang in his book “Transformation of Sikhism.” He writes: the sword which carved the Khalsa way to glory was undoubtedly forged by Guru Gobind Singh. But the steel had been provided by Guru Nanak, who had obtained it by smelting the … Continue reading Sikhism Dwells In Its Saint-soldier Philosophy

Why India elections are more about Modi than anything else

Britta Ohm, Université de Berne India votes until May 19, and Western media and opinion seem to be slowly waking up to the dangers faced by what is often hailed as “the world’s largest democracy” to constitutional guarantees. Like in other cases of today’s right-wing and populist authoritarianisms around the world, these dangers are not completely new, even if they are rising in a particular fashion. “Good days are coming” The currently held general elections in India are seen by many as a watershed. Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made his way over the past two decades … Continue reading Why India elections are more about Modi than anything else

Peepaewale Biscuits

Every time I notice these in the Indian grocery stores, even at the Walmart, my recurring memories fly me back to those teenage days in India. We did not call them as “Peepaewale” biscuits. These were just plain cookies custom-made from a local bakery shop. Also referred to as Punjabi biscuits, these non-smooth and little grooved on the top is triple the size of 22-karat gold biscuits. Since they were contained in a ‘pipa,’ that is the reason they are called ‘Peepaewale’ biscuits here in Canada. Perhaps, it is a marketing approach by the manufacturers to draw the nostalgic feel … Continue reading Peepaewale Biscuits

Manusmriti And America’s Jim Crow Laws Against Blacks

by Promod Puri An objective parallel can be drawn between the racial caste system, known as Jim Crow in the history of the United States between 1877 to late 60s, and the inhumane treatment of low-caste Hindus triggered by the centuries-old caste culture of India. Jim Crow was a legitimized and even legalized anti-black racism which relegated African Americans not only as second-class citizens but designated them into a “way of life” by White Americans who had the right to be discriminatory. (Jim Crow is a fictional name caricatured of a “clumsy, dimwitted black slave singing a tune called ‘jump … Continue reading Manusmriti And America’s Jim Crow Laws Against Blacks

2019 Poll: BJP Leads In Social Media Use

In India, WhatsApp is a weapon of antisocial hatred Smartphones are a conduit for misinformation about the Indian election. AP Photo/Manish Swarup Rohit Chopra, Santa Clara University A general election in India, the world’s most populous democracy, seems a theoretical impossibility. Collecting the votes of nearly a billion people across a staggeringly diverse subcontinent has for more than half a century faced challenges of logistics, politics, economics, violence and law. This year, a new challenge has arisen in the form of social media – specifically the text messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Facebook. Hate speech, disinformation and scary rumors on … Continue reading 2019 Poll: BJP Leads In Social Media Use

Why I’m Not Buying Self Driving Car

By Promod Puri Ever since the car manufacturers introduced the Cruise Control feature, I have rarely used it. And I think many people like me seldom bothered about this extra driving maneuver. They might have their own reasons. But in my case, it is simple. My conscious mind does not feel relaxed in this mode. The logic is, it might fail when I need it in an abrupt or unexpected moment. This is a mindset attitude I have. And for that reason, I will not be buying fully-loaded Autonomous Vehicles, AVs in short. Safety is the issue. AVs can’t be … Continue reading Why I’m Not Buying Self Driving Car

Why giant statues of Hindu gods, leaders making Minorities nervous

Indulata Prasad, Arizona State University Statues – big statues, the largest in the world – are being built all across India. Like many public monuments, they attempt to convey history in a concrete form. But India’s new statues convey something else, too: the power and vision of one dominant group – and the vulnerability of others. That’s because India’s biggest new public monuments all pay tribute to Hindu gods and leaders. As a scholar of social change in India, I see statues as a projection of a nation’s values at a particular moment in time. For many Muslims and other … Continue reading Why giant statues of Hindu gods, leaders making Minorities nervous

In The Habit Of Postponing Things

By Promod Puri In my school days as the bell ring, all the kids assembled for the morning prayer which was quite secular in nature. I don’t remember the whole prayer which was in Hindi, but a couplet of that I can still recall. The words of advice in that morning ritual go like this: jo kal karna woh ajj karle, jo ajj karna woh abb karle. A loose translation of the wordings can be “whatever one thinks to be done tomorrow, should be done today, and whatever to be executed today, should be tackled right now.” Basically, all it … Continue reading In The Habit Of Postponing Things

Redesigning Political & Economic Systems

Originally posted on Promod Puri:
Redesigning of our political and economic systems based on changing social needs as well as our ethical and environmental commitments will be more viable, responsive and revered than the outdated, impractical and utopian Socialist idealism, and greedy Capitalism. The contemporary world society seeks that the idiosyncrasy of the present sociopolitical Left and the Right cultures should be replaced by a new political and economic ideology. An integrated approach is needed where modern sciences, ethics, and environmental updates can be part of both the political and economic systems -Promod Puri Continue reading Redesigning Political & Economic Systems

Coalition Politics In India More Than Fighting Election And Sharing Power

By Promod Puri Politics of coalition has been the norm in India for the last over two decades. So far, this has been essentially an alluring and opportunist wangling when political parties form coalitions with the sole intent of sharing power. United Fronts of Left and Right, Centre-left and Centre-right, or a mix of all is the reality of India’s vibrant, dirty and still maturing democracy. In recent years, especially after the near-fatal downfall of the once mighty Centre-left Indian National Congress in the last 2014 election, and the sharp emergence of the Centre-right Hindu religious-leaning Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), … Continue reading Coalition Politics In India More Than Fighting Election And Sharing Power

Mueller Report Spares The Big One

By Promod Puri The Hindi phrase “khoda pahar nikla chuha (dug the mountain, got out a rat) or the English equivalent: much ado about nothing, is the essence of Robert Mueller’s partially-released report. However, in this case instead catch of one single big rat, the two-year-long digging did find lot more casualties, 34 of them in all, much to the disappointment of many who were expecting an explosive closure. It all began when Donald Trump was accused that he along with his election team conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 US presidential poll. The high-profile investigation which involved many … Continue reading Mueller Report Spares The Big One


Punjabis have a great sense of humor. And the people from both sides of the border between India and Pakistan share this personality trait as the blood in their veins. Recently while watching a TV talk show from Lahore, on the serious issue of donkey meat being sold as goat or beef in the country, I couldn’t stop laughing at the remarks of a comedian host joking around this issue as well. Here is how it goes… After having a delicious meal of Lahori kebobs in a restaurant, the comedian realized that the serving could be made from pure donkey … Continue reading PUNJABI HUMOR FOR ALL OCCASIONS


It was the most stupid decision Britishers made in its recent history to leave the European Union, and in which many among the whiter than the white immigrants joining the xenophobic racists. The nation is now stuck in the limbo as it cannot go back, and it can’t move forward. In the meantime, many multi-nationals are leaving the country and the small to medium industries are suffering. Down the road jobs will be lost by those who wanted to save them from immigrants. Social programs will be affected, as immigrants were allegedly been robbing the country of those benefits. Here … Continue reading BREXIT: STUPID MOVE PUTS UK IN LIMBO

David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

It is a case of compromising with ethics and risking his own reputation for the sake of securing a good future for his sons. This could be a sacrifice for the kids, but the laws are blind when decorated businessman and celebrated donor to the University of British Columbia, David Sidoo was arrested in the United States last Friday. The alleged charge is that Sidoo paid $100,000 in 2011 to have one individual to take the qualifying test in place of his older son for admission to a California University. The scheme worked, and the son got the required marks … Continue reading David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

Changing World Needs Changing World Orders

Many rituals, customs, and traditions related to our religions need a review for their practicality in our ever-changing world culture. Moreover, in the progressive development, the call of humanity seeks to re-evaluate each of our religions, rituals, customs, traditions, social and political institutions, including Left and Right isms, which impart values and behaviors impacting our societies.   This resolution is part of the evolution and management of civil society we live in. The evolution of civilization is natural as well as essential for the rational and intelligent creation of environments influencing our lives. The contemporary world society needs Neologism. Neologism … Continue reading Changing World Needs Changing World Orders

Apples, Oranges & Kashmir Problem

BY Promod Puri Apple and oranges don’t mix. They grow in separate regions and in separate climates. They have separate shapes and separate tastes. Jammu grows oranges, sweet and juicy. Kashmir grows apples, luscious and crispy. Put them together in a box. And market it as a product of Kashmir. That is simply deceptive labeling. It should be marked as a product of Jammu And Kashmir. And that is the same subtle difference when Kashmir and Jammu are packaged together linguistically, socially and politically. And the entity is stamped as Kashmir. The packaging is done and marketed by Kashmiri political … Continue reading Apples, Oranges & Kashmir Problem

No Basis Why Indian Sub-continent Divided 72 Yrs Ago

Flip the coin and on one side India and Pakistan seem to be combating with each other forever. On the other side, they are sharing the same bread of common roots, common cultures, languages, and traditions. This love and hate relationship between the two neighbors is both as a result of natural and historic bonding between the peoples of the two countries. At the same time, there is the hostility generated by militancy from Pakistan and India’s dithering stand in resolving the Kashmir problem. In 1947 when the British colonial rulers left the Indian subcontinent Pakistan was established. It was … Continue reading No Basis Why Indian Sub-continent Divided 72 Yrs Ago

Leader of Choice

His image may be soiled by the media-branded “explosive” testimony of ex-justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould recently, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is still my choice of being the leader of the Liberal Party to win the next federal election in Canada. The alternative of the Conservative Party with its leader Andrew James Scheer is politically and socially retrogressive for the liberal-spirited, non-racist multicultural Canadian society. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh fits well as a dedicated socialist leader, but he needs to undergo more political baking to be better known and accepted by all Canadians from coast to coast. -Promod Puri Continue reading Leader of Choice


Since bias knows no boundaries, Manusmriti not only expounds the social distance between the upper and lower castes, but it also delineates the status of women by curbing their rights. It lists guidelines for men in selecting marriage partners and puts a stamp of their superiority by creating gender inequality. In chapter 3 with numbered paragraphs here it is what Manusmriti prescribes: 8. One should not marry women who have reddish hair, redundant parts of the body [such as six fingers], one who is often sick, one without hair or having excessive hair and one who has red eyes. 9. … Continue reading MANUSMRITI AND WOMEN

Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of the election

Sita Bali, Staffordshire University Tensions in the Kashmir region were already building after more than 40 Indian troops were recently killed by a suicide bomber. India’s “pre-emptive strike” over the disputed border on Tuesday – the first of its kind by India since it went to war with Pakistan in 1971 – has escalated the situation further. India said it had targeted a terrorist training camp and accused Pakistan of violating a 2003 ceasefire, while Pakistan now claims to have shot down two Indian fighter jets. The origins of the Kashmir conflict lie in British imperial disengagement from the subcontinent. … Continue reading Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of the election


Another targeted deadly attack in Kashmir. And that brings back the unresolved Kashmir problem up-front again. All the present and the past regimes in both India and Pakistan have not been able to untangle the issue. Perhaps, for the simple reason the ruling leaderships of both the countries don’t have the will to tackle the problem on behalf of the people of the state. Or they don’t want it for their own political agenda. For that reason, let the people of the state decide their future. And that decision should be based not what the Kashmiri-speaking population want, but it … Continue reading DEADLY ATTACK BRINGS BACK KASHMIR ISSUE

Kartarpur Corridor Reflects Teachings Of Guru Nanak:

By Promod Puri It is hailed as a “Corridor of Peace” between India and Pakistan. The Kartarpur Corridor is a long-awaited and welcome historical development for Sikhs worldwide. The much-desired Corridor connects the border town of Dera Baba Nanak from the Indian side and Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan. The 4.7 kilometers border corridor is a sacred passage to the historic site of Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev (1469-1539), settled and assembled the faith’s commune after his missionary travels. The highlight of the Corridor is that it is visa-free for pilgrims and devotees of … Continue reading Kartarpur Corridor Reflects Teachings Of Guru Nanak:


by Promod Puri I may be a complaint type of person. So are some or perhaps most of us of this nature. Actually, I have not done any google research to find statistics about the extent of this addiction among us. The reason is even if I shovel to dig for the numbers these would be available in some percentage like most surveys report these days. Whether it is desired or not the trend is that a lot of information and data come in the mathematical veil of percentage. Example: there is a new small apartment building of 10 or … Continue reading COMPLAIN, SHOULD WE OR SHOULD WE NOT!

A Love Story Hacked By Mahatma Gandhi

This story is not an attempt to downgrade his personality, but it reveals how Gandhi became from ordinary to an extraordinary human being. He learned from his experiences, moved on, and became one of the great leaders in the contemporary history of the world. by Promod Puri While Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolence activism got him international fame and many followers, an important part of his personal life and preferences has been revealed in an unknown small book by Professor Kris Tangri. Kris Tangri lived a retired life in Victoria, Canada, after a very successful academic career in Canadian and American universities. He … Continue reading A Love Story Hacked By Mahatma Gandhi

What Happened When India Became A Republic

India adopted its own constitution on January 26, 1950, and became a republic. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the law minister who was the principal author of the nation’s constitution. Among the most significant features of the constitution was declaring untouchability unlawful. “After centuries of hitherto unchallenged and illegal authority relating to human rights violations, Manusmriti in terms of laws of India became illegal overnight. “Under Manu’s dictum, the denial of intermarriage between different castes helped the caste system to gain its footing and fortify the social composition he envisioned. His optics resulted in an altogether new culture in the society … Continue reading What Happened When India Became A Republic

Nepal’s Menstrual Huts

Nepal’s menstrual huts: what can be done about this practice of confining women to cow sheds? Sara Parker, Liverpool John Moores University and Kay Standing, Liverpool John Moores University The tragic recent deaths of a mother and her two sons in a chhaupadi hut in Nepal has again brought the issue of this exclusionary practice to the forefront of international human rights and media attention. Despite being illegal, chhaupadi, the practice of exiling menstruating women and girls from their home – often to a cow shed – is still practised in some areas of Western Nepal. Chhaupadi is an extreme … Continue reading Nepal’s Menstrual Huts


Why the political Left must always support the dictatorial and one-man authoritarian regimes with the bogus tags of being socialist. This time it is Venezuela where the fraudulent dictator Nicolas Maduro is ruling the nation with the same style as his predecessor Hugo Chavez. Simply because of another aspirant to the presidency has been approved by the “capitalist” USA? In the meantime, the so-called socialist rule under Madura has put Venezuela under severe economic conditions where the very basic necessities of life are hard to get and buy. The law and order in the country are worst, the garbage is … Continue reading ON WHAT GROUND LEFTISTS BACKING VENEZUELA’S DICTATOR

A Bird’s Eye View of India On Its 70th Republic Day

By Promod Puri Republic Day on January 26 is an official colossal event in India every year to celebrate the adoption of its constitution marking the nation as an independent democratic republic. How the country looks after all these years since its Independence from the British Raj in 1947! Although, the statistics have changed as this article was written a few years ago, the overall picture of India remains the same. Maybe not! Especially when there has been quite an ideological transformation to reweave India’s social and secular fabric in the last just over four years. The cliché that India … Continue reading A Bird’s Eye View of India On Its 70th Republic Day


Audibly residing forever in the hearts of Hindi filmy music lovers is Noor Jehan’s renditions of Aawaz de kahan hai (a duet with Surendra); Mere bachman ke sathi muje bhool na jana, dekho dekho hase na zamana; and Jawan hai mohabbat hasin hai zamana, lutaya hai dil ne khoshi ka tarana (film Anmol Ghardi). Malika-e-tarannum Noorjahan’s distinct and immaculate voice uplifts the spirit and clarity of the lyrics. Her sweet but eloquent and uninhibited style continues to echo eternally across India-Pakistan borders. It was Naushad Ali (assisted by Ghulam Mohammed) who scored the music for these alluring compositions. He was … Continue reading NOOR JEHAN’S VOICE KNOWS NO BOUNDRY BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTAN:

Anarkali Offers Most Melodious Songs

Anarkali (1953) offers a bonanza of most melodious songs with superb poetic depths. C. Ramchandra composed tuneful and forever popular music of the film. A maestro in musical compositions, he liberally delivered his art in Anarkali. It was one of the very few films in which all the songs, without exception, were hit numbers for years and years. Even today listening to Anarkali songs offers delightful engagement both in its lyrical reflections and serene music. These songs  will always remain as crafted jewels with everlasting brilliance: Ye zindagi usiki hai, Aaja ab to aaja, Mujhse mat poochh, Dua kar gham-e-dil, … Continue reading Anarkali Offers Most Melodious Songs


A Renaissance in South Indian Hindu Tradition “the entry of two women, including a Dalit woman – Bindu and Kanakadurga – into the temple in the early hours of January 2, 2019, stands as a symbolic historical corrector that marks a small victory reminding one of the colossal efforts ahead to take many such remarkable first steps.” -Carmel Christy K J, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism, University of Delhi, in the Conversation. Continue reading SABARIMALA TEMPLE CONTROVERSY

Kumbh Mela: It Is All Ritual And Politics

By Promod Puri Ritualistically inspired and politically promoted by the Hindutva regime of India’s Uttar Pradesh province, the world’s largest religious congregation, the Kumbh Mela, began January 15 until March 4, 2019, in the city of Praygraj, formerly Allahabad. Devotees come to the historic city where Hindu sacred rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and mythical Saraswati confluence. It is a pilgrimage with the strong belief that all the sins one has committed will be cleaned with a simple dip in the holy waters. And one can re-emerge and start his or her life with a clean slate. Moreover, one gets “mukti’, meaning … Continue reading Kumbh Mela: It Is All Ritual And Politics

Story Behind Lohri Song Dulla Bhatti Wala, Ho…

Lohri is a traditional Punjabi festival of pure secular nature. It is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and Christians. January 13th every year is the marked date for the festival in both India and Pakistan’s Punjab regions, and all over the world where Punjabis are settled. They say it is a celebration to mark the end of harsh winters of the region. But there is folklore linked to the popular Lohri song Dulla Bhatti Wala Ho…. It is “a legend of Dulla Bhatti, whose real name was Abdullah Bhatti and lived in Punjab during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Dulla Bhatti was regarded as … Continue reading Story Behind Lohri Song Dulla Bhatti Wala, Ho…

Sounds From The Wandering Bowl

  By Promod Puri A holy man in saffron stole proclaims: “close your eyes, forget the hunger meditate for transcendental wonder.”   Heard from a nearby mosque, “Allah is great,” get blessed from the devout place.   More cordial and sacred invites: Buddhists, Christians, and other lights.   In our woeful sail, we put on badges of multi-faith.   Then an abrupt flash: “There is no god, my friend,” “take refuge in our progressive den.” Another message, another thought in the maze of multi-paths. Some wise folks gave us the direction: “stay on the Left,” promising shelter, food (with vodka … Continue reading Sounds From The Wandering Bowl

January 1st Should Be Declared Broken Promise Day:😃😃

Happy New Year, and along with it comes to my annual ritualistic list of do’s and don’ts. Over the years I, and I’m sure most of us, must have made hundreds of New Year resolutions. And if a fraction of them had been accomplished all these resolutions would have created a revolution in our lives. But it has never happened. We prepare a fresh list with some new promises along with the leftover from the previous years’ lot. In any case, the first day of the year is the right beginning to launch our consented commitments. And for that reason, … Continue reading January 1st Should Be Declared Broken Promise Day:😃😃

New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks

While most of us are getting into the joyous mood of New Year eve celebrations in the company of friends and families, some folks are lonely and ending the last few hours of 2018 just being alone. In the company of their own self, they are away from society, families, and friends in the confines of their situations. Loneliness is not just being physically apart, it can be an emotional state as well. Fortunately, those who are alone they have company in the tech world of today. Thru the internet and many other gadgets, people are connected all the time … Continue reading New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks


  I have company in my lonely abode Arriving and departing, the door is open and revolving The guests come, some offer bloom, others gloom. They’re the memories, family, and friends, Karmas’ notes, complaints, and compliments Environments, weapons, wars, and fights Politics, poverty, religions, and human rights Cherishing hopes, jokes, and anecdotes In this lively, and spirited noise Consciousness joins as an in-house voice And the party goes on, in my lonely abode. -Promod Puri Continue reading PARTY IN MY LONELY ABODE!

Poet Shailendra

In simple words, he wrote great poetry with deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He dared to lodge his genuine complaint to God, duniya banane wale kaya tera mann main samai, kahe to duniya banai. Poet Shailendra, film producer Raj Kapoor, singer Mukesh, and Music director duo Shanker Jaikishan together became the most dominating combination in the golden era of Hindi film music of the ’50s and early ’60s. Some of his most popular and memorable lyrics are; Mera Joota Hai Japani, Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re, Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwala, Tu Pyar Ka Saagar Hai, Awara Hoon. Shailendra (30 … Continue reading Poet Shailendra

Politics Of BJP Damaging To India’s Democratic Institutions

  By Promod Puri It is the institutional damage that is a primary cause of concern for the survival and functioning of democracy in India. And that is the major contrast between the years of governance by the Congress Party with its united front allies and the present ruling power politics of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) with its debilitated minor partners. The once-mighty Congress Party certainly gave the country its secular and democratic outlook. But along the track, it drifted and distinctly mismanaged nation’s affairs where corruption has been the most dominant part of its legacy in power. As of … Continue reading Politics Of BJP Damaging To India’s Democratic Institutions

Genes Determine Our Health-related Fate

Originally posted on Promod Puri:
Is fate a real belief. Does fate play its role in our lives? Or is it just an imaginary judgment that life is steered by fate. “What is going to happen will happen is pre-determined by fate”. Is it an expression of consolation, helplessness or just a natural feeling to accept fate. The things we do are controlled by fate? In other words that is our karma. The submission of karma to fate is taken as a dictum which needs a critical appraisal. However, there is a new twist in this debate which relates to the… Continue reading Genes Determine Our Health-related Fate


Originally posted on Progressive Hindu Dialogue:
? The 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, close to his death, sealed the continuity of human gurus. He declared that henceforth the holy book Adi Granth would be the eternal Guru of Sikhs. The hymn composed by him for that declaration encourages a devotee to study, research and contemplate on the enlightenment contained in the sacred book. The hymn says: Agya bhai Akal ki tabhi chalayo Panth Sabb Sikhan ko hukam hai Guru manyo Granth Guru Granth Ji manyo pargat Guran ki deh Jo Prabhu ko milbo chahe khoj shabad mein le Raj… Continue reading GURU MANEYO GRANTH

Nationalism & Patriotism Are Threats To Global Peace And environment

By Promod Puri I have been an anti-national ever since I understood the nature of its allegiance to the country one belongs to. At the same time, I am not a patriot either with its blurred image as it is often a consequence of nationalism. Patriotism and nationalism have obscure borderline between them. It is a “problematic pair” to find independent definitions to isolate each concept. Both the words are synonyms to each other according to their dictionary explanations. Still, certain attempts have been made to detach the two. Nationalism arises from the word nation. As such it seeks love, … Continue reading Nationalism & Patriotism Are Threats To Global Peace And environment

Over 56% of Calgarians voted against hosting ’26 Winter Olympics

Over 56% of Calgarians have voted against hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics in a recent poll conducted by the City. Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics, are elite sports only the rich nations can adequately participate in them hauling most of the medals and at the cost of enormous expense involved in building the facilities. There are other urgent needs where funds are desperately needed for the welfare of the entire society rather than a few athletes and corrupt builders. In that respect, Calgary’s “No” to the 2026 Winter Olympics is a wise choice. Olympics are highly competitive international sports. For the … Continue reading Over 56% of Calgarians voted against hosting ’26 Winter Olympics

TRAVEL ADVISORY: India Changing Names Of Its Major Cities

It is the case of old wine in new bottles. And a lot of new bottles are needed by some provincial governments in India when it comes to filling up with new names to the ancient cities and towns in the country. While they can’t change the historical and cultural character of the cities, but the new labeling seems to be the current political hype running across India, especially in the saffron-ruled state of Uttar Pradesh. If you’re visiting India and going to Allahabad, don’t get confused when the landing sign reads “welcome to Prayagraj.” Yes, that is the latest … Continue reading TRAVEL ADVISORY: India Changing Names Of Its Major Cities


Convert us, We’re adaptable But we’re poor. We’re hungry too. Passing by a temple, a man of god advised “come on in, become Hindu, and be happy and wise.” So, we put on the Hindu hats. “Now close eyes to forget the hunger.” “Meditate for transcendental wonder.” Then a voice was delivered from a nearby mosque “Become Muslims for glory to god,” We emerged as Muslims from the sacred spot. More cordial invites “come on in, become…” Christians, Buddhists, and other religious faiths. And we collected more badges in our divine sails. We’re now multi-religious with multi-god beliefs. Without any … Continue reading SEEKING SOLACE AMID POVERTY AND HUNGER

Honours For LINK Newspaper Founder Promod Puri!

“Promod Puri has stood tall like a lighthouse shedding light, guiding and linking communities within a community without passing personal judgement, prejudice or taking sides. Without fear he has promoted what is just and what is right. He founded The Link Newspaper and served as its Editor for almost three decades. He is a beacon of hope of impartiality for all of us. He was awarded a Journalism Award at the annual Dr. Ambedkar Chetna Award Night 2018 in Vancouver last Saturday. Ashok Bhargava president of Writers International Network introduced Puri by paying a rich tribute to the contribution he … Continue reading Honours For LINK Newspaper Founder Promod Puri!


“Muslims are savage.” And that is the unrealistic image many non-Muslims have worldwide. Muslims rulers in the Arab countries led by Saudi rogue autocrats are the ones who are mainly responsible for creating this misleading impression. In this age of social media, when news spreads very fast, the brutalities and killings in their kingdoms and arranged murders elsewhere, as has happened with Jamal Khashoggi recently, the savage impression of Muslims is established and widely generalized. Brutal Muslims rulers must be contained. Their behavior tarnishes the image of Muslims being humane and peaceful people. It is for that reason human rights … Continue reading BARBARIAN RULERS CREATE BAD IMAGE OF MUSLIMS WORLDWIDE 

Understanding Physics of 2018 Nobel Winners

by Promod Puri We are quite familiar with tweezers, the small nippers for plucking out unwanted hairs or extracting splinters. But when these little tools are made of light beams to hold very tiny objects in scientific and medical fields, the optical tweezers play quite a significant role as technical aids in the studies of motions and behavior of molecular or cellular particles. That precisely the reason the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to Arthur Ashkin for his works on optical tweezers. Other co-winners of the Nobel Prize in physics are Gerard Mourou and Canadian scientist Donna … Continue reading Understanding Physics of 2018 Nobel Winners


by Promod Puri Surya Devta or Sun god enjoys a unique status in Hindu iconography as the visible divine personality emerging from the horizon every day. But when it is not seen because of rain or cloudy sky, a devotee can learn from the devoutness of sunflower towards the Sun. Sunflower is a true devotee of Sun God. Rain or shine sunflower always follows its God in the direction it moves in the celestial circle. Sun’s celestial arrival frees a devotee from ritualistic customs or caste-based barricades and taboos to have an independent face to face obeisance and worship. The … Continue reading LEARNING FROM SUNFLOWER IN PRAYERS TO SUN GOD

“Adarsh Bahu” University Certification

“Adarsh Bahu,” that is not the title of an old Hindi movie or a forthcoming Bollywood release. But it is a newly-introduced three-month study offered by a university in Bhopal, India.   After the completion of the “Adarsh Bahu” curriculum, a certificate will be handed to the “Adarsh” (ideal) graduates.   Unlike most other courses which help in securing jobs, this one, according to the vice chancellor of Bhopal’s Barkatullah University, “will prepare brides who will keep families intact. It is part of the women empowerment”.   Two issues come to mind about the innovative university-level course.   1. Will … Continue reading “Adarsh Bahu” University Certification

Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy

Have we lost our grip on the truth? Shutterstock Arie Kruglanski, University of Maryland The concept of truth is under assault, but our troubles with truth aren’t exactly new. What’s different is that in the past, debates about the status of truth primarily took place in intellectual cafes and academic symposia among philosophers. These days, uncertainty about what to believe is endemic – a pervasive feature of everyday life for everyday people. “Truth isn’t truth” – Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, famously said in August. His statement wasn’t as paradoxical as it might have appeared. It means that our … Continue reading Concept Of Truth In Jeopardy

The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11

It is 9/11 today. The anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001. 9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria. 9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s happen several times a year on the American soil too. They say terrorists carry 9/11s. True. Regimes are also major players in developing, creating and executing 9/11s. It is a symptom and cause theory as Obama says in … Continue reading The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11


Religion basically is just a vehicle for delivering goods of spirituality, ethics, and morality. If the vehicle fails to deliver the desired goods or it is loaded with unethical and immoral junk by its operators, the recipient can refuse to accept that delivery. And rightfully seek another vehicle which only delivers the good stuff. In his apostasy, this is what social reformist and anti-caste crusader Dr.Bhumirao Ramji Ambedkar did. -by Promod Puri Continue reading RIGHT TO CHANGE RELIGIOUS VEHICLE

Back Lane Environmentalists

My salutation goes to those poor and destitute trash collectors who carry shopping carts or plastic bags collecting refundable empty beer, liquor, soda bottles, cans and juice containers while picking up the litter for a cleaner environment.   Monday is our garbage, compost and recycling pick up day.   The back lane becomes a goldmine. It has more foot traffic for collectors. The empties are the gold. These are dug out from garbage containers and blue boxes. And the booties are loaded in wobbling shopping carts or carried in tattered bags.   How much one can collect depends on how … Continue reading Back Lane Environmentalists

What’s Hindutva And Why It Conflicts With Hinduism

By Promod Puri The expression Hindutva emerged from Hinduism which simply means a state or quality of being a Hindu. However, going through its etymology Hindutva sought a wider demarcation to move free from Hinduism but keeping a bonded identity with it as well. The Hindutva ideology was first introduced in 1923 by Maharashtra-based Hindu social and political activist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. As an advocate of sovereignty, Savarkar started his public life as a radical freedom fighter for the liberation of India from British rule. In this stint, he spent several years in jail, including the infamous and torturous cells … Continue reading What’s Hindutva And Why It Conflicts With Hinduism

When Immigrants Become Anti-immigrants

By Promod Puri With compassionate temperament, an immigrant is not expected to be an anti-immigrant. But without that sentiment, immigrants can be anti-immigrant. Or they are selective in their prejudiced choice of immigrants. The sentiment of humanism over time fades as mindset attitudes toward fellow human beings based on religion and ethnicity take over. The prospective immigrants are thus categorized as “illegal and “legal,” refugees and migrants. But, except being a criminal, nobody is illegal. And those refugee claimants and migrants who “jump the queue” do so in desperation because there is no dedicated queue with considerate sympathies. Politicians of … Continue reading When Immigrants Become Anti-immigrants

Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Soon names of streets, airports, schools, colleges and universities and other institutions in India will be dotted with the name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee by the BJP government, just like Congress did for Rajiv Gandhi. In the public eye, both leave a legacy of being gentleman-politicians. But for both them, their legacy also includes inciting and supporting the most heinous crimes against humanity. Rajiv Gandhi for being responsible for the carnage against Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of northern India. And Vajpayee for the anti-Muslim riots following the demolition of Babri Masjid and in Godhra, Gujarat. Continue reading Legacies of Rajiv Gandhi And Atal Bihari Vajpayee


“Forgive and forget” is a popular simple lecture or preaching which is easy to give but hard to follow. For our own peace of mind, we may accept and attempt to follow the forgive-and-forget doctrine and move on with our lives. However, the hurt feelings take time to heal in our reconciliation effort. One can forgive. But forgetting can’t go away just by our wish. The latter is influenced by the biology of our memory. Whereas, forgetting involves our brain cells to evacuate an offensive infliction, forgiving needs to absorb in an expanded big heart. Forgiving can be possible while … Continue reading FORGIVE AND FORGET

Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism

By Promod Puri When atheists reject the concept or existence of God, their conclusion is based on limited perception. The reason, we human beings are like a speck of creature in this colossal universe incapable of fathoming its enormity. Their case does not win credibility either by just ridiculing those who believe in God. And those under theism believing that God exists in physical form or in some supernatural and transcendental actuality, and offers a sensory experience, then it is merely an unjustified and ritualistic impression. This conception can be easily rejected in the face of the rationale-seeking contemporary society. … Continue reading Beyond The Confines Of Atheism And Theism


Fidel Castro, the hero of the Communist-socialist world of the Leftists, was born 92 years ago on August 13,1926. The 1959 Fidel Castro’s armed political revolt had a utopian communist promise of prosperity for Cubans. With massive Russian aid, the country survived in meeting the basic needs of its people, and that included Cuba’s pride declaration of free education and the “best” medical system in the world. The dictatorial regime of 60 years of Castro did not turn the political revolt into an economic revolution. Moreover, typical of authoritarian and Communist regimes freedom of speech and expression were and still … Continue reading LEFTISTS’ HERO FIDEL CASTRO LEGACIES:


by Promod Puri Canada’s Twitter diplomacy in condemning Saudi Arabia has not affected the latter’s tormented human rights record, especially against women. Instead, it generated anger and overreaction from the Saudi leadership resulting with lightning speed the withdrawal of diplomats, investment and trade, stopping of flights and immediate return of the Kingdom’s students from Canada. The question is why the Canadian foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland used the Twitter channel to raise the issue instead of traditional face to face dialogue. Presuming the minister and her advisory staff are not naive in their concern for human rights in Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading CANADA’S TWITTER ATTACK ON S.ARABIA SEEMS HYPOCRITICAL