Is Modi a narcissist?

As we look at his personality behaviour, especially since he came on India’s national scene as prime minister, the signs are there.

A narcissist, per its definition, gives oneself extreme self-importance to the extent of falling in love with own image and decorating with a more elaborate personal presentation than necessary. Modi does this the way he dresses with extra crown-like attraction on his head. Moreover, as we have heard, he changes his dresses several times a day.

People with narcissist behaviour have an inflated sense of their importance, a deep need for excessive attention, admiration, and troubled relationships. While lacking empathy for others, they often surround themselves with people who feed into their ego behaviour. Modi encircles himself with his ardent “Bhagats” from cabinet ministers to bureaucrats, media bigwigs to ordinary members of the BJP “Parivar.”

-Promod Puri 

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