Hosting summer or winter Olympics is not worth the trouble or the cost and the risks involved for a hosting country. Except for its entertaining value in presenting the opening and closing shows that are pretty creative, the Olympics otherwise are a mega display of acrobats in a sprawling gym.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics, scheduled to open on July 23, is in jeopardy. Thanks to Corona’s worldwide pandemic. Countries are hesitant, participants are not excited, and public health experts are not down with their warning signs. Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases are not waning in Japan when only two percent of Japan’s 126 million population is vaccinated.

I believe that the Olympics is an extravaganza involving billions of dollars at the expense of providing better health benefits, especially in the developing countries that participate in such world events, which are nothing else but just a show of circus.

Olympics are highly competitive international sports. For the participating nations, a colossal amount of money and resources get into the Olympics.

Only the wealthy countries can afford the technicalities, expensive clothing, and gear required to compete effectively in the games. For that reason, these nations pick up most of the golds, silvers, and bronzes.

The rest of the bottom line nations go home with very few medals or none at all. But at the vast cost of just participating. Let the rich countries play among themselves in the Olympics. The poor and the so-called developing nations spend their limited funds building more and better sports facilities for the vast majority of their youth population.

If the Corona pandemic causes the cancelling of the Tokyo Olympics, that may signal the end of future Olympics. If that happens, a tradition may end, but it would save billions for better sporting alternatives, especially for the developing nations.

Promod Puri

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