India’ democracy has been taken hostage by the country’s gruesome foursome which included Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his right-hand man – the Devil’s Advocate Amit Shah and pulling their strings behind the scenes are billionaire corporate fat-cats Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani and Gautam Shantilal Adani. This is the tetrad maneuvering the political, economic, social and even religious affairs of the country that is still called democratic India but by the looks of it is more like a dictatorship.

On the sidelines, we got a few more familiar names from the bootless opposition, the ruling BJP, including its family of “Bootlicking” Bhagats, who constitute the present run of the Indian democracy in the direction led by the tetrad.

It is the government of the foursome, rerouting the democracy into Oligarchy?

The multitude of political parties, their leaders, and the state assemblies pose no challenge to the Centre’s authority. Recent examples of the Centre going in an authoritarian way are the farm laws, demonetization, Citizenship Amendment Act, and repealing of Article 370 without the due process of the debate’s parliamentary tradition.

Moreover, in the last few years since Modi came on the national front as a prime minister, all the operative integrals of democracy get corrupted, compromised, sidelined, or rendered powerless. Voices of dissidents kept silenced by lodging them in jails, fake tax raids, threats, and murders by the ruling leaders’ goons.

The rank and file of the party are mute too!

In this atmosphere of total containment, when a handful of people run the country, it is the passage towards the demise of democracy. And that is what is happening in India.

-by Promod Puri

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