Little Misha lost her special friend, Poky the Puppy

The toy of her joy disappeared from her tender arms somewhere at the hotel while on vacation with her family. She was returning to her hotel room with her parents and brother, when she realized that Poky was missing.

With tears in her eyes, Misha was worried the Poky was by himself and lonely. Dad scoured the hotel searching for Poky but returned to the room defeated.

Poky was lost.

The next day, it was time to board the plane and head back home, but without Poky. Misha was heartbroken.

Parents did their best to distract her with a new toy, but nothing could replace her friend Poky.

In her melancholy, she kept repeating, “where is my Poky, where is my Poky, where is…”  She fell to sleep with dreams of a great fun time with ma, pa, brother, and many other kids in the pool and at the beach. Poky was with her all the time. But now only in her dream.

“Wake up, Misha, the plane has landed,” mom jolted her. The family reached home, but Misha was still in a somber mood.

The next day, Misha was at her grandparent’s home.

“Nani-ma, I lost my Poky.” With uncontrolled sobbing, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry Misha, I have your Poky.” Nani-ma consoled her. There was an instant flash of a smile on her face.

“Your Poky flew back by herself. She just came, and I have her with me,” Nani-ma handed her the joy of her life.

Misha hugged her Poky, exceptionally cheerful, and elated.  With tears of her joy, she said, “Thank you, Nani-ma.” And then just she and her Poky in the bliss of each other.

Before the family vacation, Nani-ma had bought two Pokies, just in case…

-Promod Puri

(This is a true story about our granddaughter with a happy ending)

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