By Promod Puri
Churches, temples, mosques, or Gurdwaras may not be much congregated these days due to the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide. This emptiness at the places of prayers is either due to imposed restrictions or people just avoiding venues of large gatherings.
The business of religion, like any other business, is down. But this business is different, at least in principle. It offers the path and rides to understand the nature of the Creator while seeking His grace.
Places of mass appeal to God to save people from the virus ought to be averted. At the same time, people who believe in God’s existence seek some divine intervention while expecting a cure from science.
The big question is, where is God in the holy cities from Varanasi to the Vatican?
When devotees, priests advised staying away from the house of worship, the divinity of God is on the spot.
Where is the God, the Savior, in this period of a severe crisis of global viral pandemic facing humanity!
The believability of His or Her existence, based on ritualistic and conceptual physical presence, is rightfully questioned. Is God avoiding His responsibility by fleeing from the scene?
The rationality of this sentiment rests on the irrationality of believing in senseless miraculous powers and superstitious convictions embedded in almost all religious orders, and amply propounded in the business of religion.
People seek proof of God, but the sample of evidence they are trying is the one they evolved. They want to see the physical existence of God residing in a physical dwelling.
It is in this regard, the rationality and understanding of God need a comprehensive review.
Merely believing that God exists is a ritual.
(Readers, please note, a comprehensive article on this subject is going to be published soon on my websites promodpuri.com and progressivehindudialogue.com).


  1. There are three categories: theist, atheist and secularist. God says, ” I am neither of these. I am above all.” He left up to the man to become whatever he likes. There is no enforcement from his side. He will help only those who help themselves. To show his neutrality he says, ” Your extremity is my opportunity.” means that I am happy when you are in dire difficulties. For the Secularists, here is an indication to reach a conclusion: ” Where is God These Days?” If His places of worship and pilgrimage are dormant, it means he is afraid of the ‘infectious devotees.’ Also, God allowed Devil to have his nest where God dwells.

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