Silence Is Deadly For Indian Democracy

By Promod Puri

India is increasingly becoming a democracy of silent middle class, silent opposition, and silenced press. Under the ruling political domain, there is unscrupulous practice of silence as well.

The environment of quietness encourages increased prejudice, hatred, violence, hardships and sufferings for the Dalits, the minorities, and the poor. Also, it can be the cause of their separation from the social, economic and political aspirations promised in a democratic system.

Silence is not golden when it is strategically used to carry an evil political and religious agenda with dictatorial objectives. Silence of the ruling leadership can be interpreted as a green light for those who commit violence in the name of religion or fanatical nationalism.

Silence is deadly for democracy in India.



  1. We are not experiencing any silence, award wapsi gangs and intolerance gang has already made a lot noise. In Kashmir, the noise of stone pelters are at its peak. Farmers cry is already making inroads. Yes, There has been raids on NDTV promoters, but they are not the synonymous of Media.


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