(An open letter to SRK)

Dear Mr. Shah Rukh Khan:

First, congratulations on the tremendous success of your latest hit movie, Pathaan.

You proudly and deservingly stand on your balcony, waving your hands and implanting flying kisses daily to the crowd of ardent fans. Millions of people in India carry the same sentiments of love, respect, and admiration for you.

Can you do something more than this everyday ritual of greeting your followers?

Can you come down the street to lead a mammoth rally with the slogan of “Chalo Dehli”:

Where demolition of India’s democracy is taking place brick by brick.

 Where the secular fabric of the nation gets torn apart.

Where the government inspires the 3Gs, the gurus, goons and goondas openly threaten Muslims and other minorities. You got some taste of that fresh in your mouth.

Where the democratic institutions, including the film censure board and the Indian film fraternity, are being biased and corrupted with the Hindutva agenda.

Where the President, both Houses of Parliament, the Judiciary, the election commission, the police, the media, journalists and writers, universities, and more are influenced and directed by the government regularly.

That is the present state of affairs with the deteriorating democratic structure of India today, and you’re well aware of that.   

Mr. Khan, the nation’s call, seeks a juggernaut protest march that would attract millions of people from all walks of life, including writers, poets, social activists, and ordinary folks. The assembly would flood the streets of Delhi and shake the autocratic government on Raj Path.

It will be a people’s power, led by a hero in the real world who carries a tremendous following running into millions.

Moreover, you’re a sincere, compassionate, fearless and intelligent person with the stamina to initiate and lead this historic and revolutionary “Chalo Dehli” march that will save India from the dictatorial rule out to ruin the country with its anti-Hindu divisive and dangerous Hindutva agenda.

India lacks a trustworthy, capable and inspiring leader. If not you, who else?

Mr. Khan, you’re a Pathaan; remember the song (movie Kabuliwala): aye mere pyare watan, tuj pe dil kurban.

With regards and best wishes,

Yours sincerely

Promod Puri


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