In my nostalgic wash, Lifebuoy was the soap suitable for the body and the hair. Cheap and best, the choices were limited, while Hamam and Lux were luxuries. There were no aromatic flavours in the red bar. Lifebuoy was big enough to last for more than a week. But in winter, its life got prolonged with skips from daily baths. Whatever the reason or season, the two-in-one worked well on the body and head until I heard shampoo.

Wonder if there was any other ‘desi’ soap in India before Lever Brothers of England introduced Lifebuoy. The first container landed on the Bombay shores in 1895, since Lifebuoy enjoyed its popularity with its chunky red look. Following the past sentiments, Lifebuoy is my choice from head to toe whenever I’m in India. After all, as I recall the commercial, “Lifebuoy hai Jahan, tandrosti hai wahan.”

-Promod Puri

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