The news that John Horgan decides to retire, after the election in the fall when the New Democratic Party in B.C. elects its new leader, creates a feeling of sadness to lose such a compassionate, sincere, and down-to-earth leader.

The most-liked politician in Canada ever since he became the premier of the province in 2017, Mr. Horgan has several accomplishments like eliminating medical premiums and tolls on Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges.

However, more than that, besides efficiently governing the affairs of the province, Mr. Horgan truly represents the spirit of Canada’s Westcoast in its temperament of love for nature.

Born and raised in Victoria, Mr. Horgan, 62, epitomizes what the true West offers that distinguishes it from the rest of Canada.

In his mainstream representation, he seeks an egalitarian society to get more benefits for the poor, increasing disability benefits and raising the minimum wage in the province. He legislated to protect the provincial forests and parks on the environmental front.

Mr. Horgan is a politician who neither belongs to the far-Left nor is too close to the Right. His governing policies offer a balance between economy and environment for wealth and jobs within a safe environment.

The province rarely gets a leader like him with his pragmatic vision, passion, and genuine personality.

Wishing Mr. Horgan good health and restfulness in retirement from public life.

-by Promod Puri


  1. I don’t agree. The BC NDP has endorsed the IHRA. The IHRA (INternational Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) is a declaration that says basically anything that speaks against Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestine is Antisemitic. It is not Antisemitic to criticise Israel just as it isn’t anti-Indian to criticise Modi. To support the IHRA (with no consultation with the party) privileges Jewish people and the fight against antisemitism above racialised people in this country.


  2. Fully concur with your comments. This piece is just on his profile in the wake of rigid cancer treatments that flagged him to change the course of life from public to private.


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