Let him overpower and occupy Ukraine, amass more to his vast kingdom, and paint how he paints his ‘red’ sprawling empire.

The man is blazoned with fake worries about NATO expansion threatening Russian security.

With that excuse, he marches his troops to Ukraine for expanded domination over more people and land in the region.

But how long would he carry on with his deeds of power greed?

At age 69, going to be 70 in October, heaven prohibits, he would not live and ruling till eternity.

Underneath this universal truth lies the percept that nothing is permanent in this world.

What looks to be permanent today prepares the stage for the following change.

However, till the next stage, with a mind of a demolition derby, the Russian behemoth levels whatever comes in front of him, the residential buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.

The infuriated spree continues, bringing miseries, calamities, and devastation to the country he wants to be under his arms.

But in this crusade, humanity gets crushed, people die, and collapsed buildings transform into graves.

Continuous strikes and thunders of missiles and bombs make the citizens homeless and refugees in minutes; millions in desperation seek shelter in neighbouring lands.

Worst of all, when we momentarily grasp the feelings of an innocent child gazing at the rolling scene of devastation, destruction, and deaths.

If asked, “do you know or understand all this, and why the war around?”

The answer is naive “No!”

Children have rights too that include their survival and best interests.

At least for the sake of a tender, ignorant child, representing the next generation inhabiting the planet earth, the call of humanity seeks an immediate stop to the brutal war, even if it means surrendering.

Surrendering sounds like defeat.

But in this defeat lies the victory, a liberation from the horrors of war.

Surrender is an ethical and moral imperative that blocks the right to kill on a massive scale.

Wars, after all, are crimes against humanity.

One brave heart must raise the white flag to end the havoc and bloodshed called war.

-Promod Puri

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