There is always an end to the beginning. A start stops at someplace. That is the phenomenon of events in the world around us.

But in between the start and the stop changes transform the scenario, landscape, and peculiarity.

What Ukraine was ten days ago now presents a dreadful and tragic view.

Millions displaced and homeless overnight. Life poses despair, grief, and gloom for those who manage to leave and those struggling to escape.

A breakdown of society has occurred that was vibrant and peaceful in its 44 million population.

In the deafening din of almost non-stop shelling, birds cage themselves in the hideouts of bombed and flattened buildings’ safe spots, leaving the sky open for combating battleground.

Still, what has begun must end, too, with an outlook that would be distinctively changed beyond imagination from the one just a few days ago.

-Promod Puri

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