Today’s world is in turmoil, violent, disturbed, depressing and daunting.

Although we can say, it is an era of peace with fewer wars or battles compared to most known world history. But never-ending combats and conflicts dot all across the globe.

The largest of the world’s hotspots show concentration in Africa and Asia, with territorial disputes and civil wars. And most of them are within the boundaries of each country for political reasons or regional freedoms based on ethnic disparities or discriminations.

From Afghanistan to Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya and a few more, Myanmar and Kashmir, including occasional skirmishes between India and Pakistan, the everlasting fights between Israel and Palestinians, the world presents an agitated and vicious scenario that seems to be eternal.

We see violent political instability in Iraq and Lebanon, Burkina Faso, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the civil war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and Islamist militancy in Pakistan. The American continent has its share, too, with the mad surge of far-Right extremism in the USA, the criminal violence in Mexico, and the political instability in Venezuela. Is Cuba peaceful facing record unemployment and extreme food shortages while the protests and dissent are clipped the moment these emerge?

Brewing in this global conflict pot is the power showdown over Ukraine between Russia and NATO, led by the United States.

The global spread of civil battles and conflicts, with no end in sight, is not only confined to bombing and shelling, killings and destruction of properties but results in extreme hardships for the people. The refugee crisis escalates along with starvation and disease, where millions have died over the years. Sanctions could leave more Afghans dead, including children, Afghanistan is an example of the 20 years of fighting between Taliban and American forces.

-by Promod Puri   

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