Things get created; things get destroyed.

In other words, what seems to be created is a step towards its destruction, leading towars another creation and the cycle goes on.

We human beings reside in this big void called the universe, along with the rest of the constituents: plants, animals, mountains, rocks, rivers, etc. and with living, non-living, conscious, and nonconscious entities and objects.

A fundamental element called space also resides side by side in the universe that separates and distinguishes all the dwellers.

But that distinction is transitory.

All of us are floating in space in one form or the other like clouds in the sky.

Up under the blue dome, a bear-look cloud merges with a dragon, together shaping into a different being or simply forming an image of a country map, a pond, a pig, or a plant. It floats for a while, then merges with another wondering cloud or splits, presenting a changed creation.

The phenomenon goes on in the natural world. Humans are part of the action, contributing to its creation and destruction, leading into another conscious or nonconscious formation or simply merging with dust.

Pablo Picasso says, “Every act of creation is, first of all, an act of destruction.”     

We notice a thing only when it has a fixed shape, size, some time limit of its existence or awareness. The scattered clouds in the sky do not have  those attributes. Except that it is all water in vapour formation. That formation changes when the cloud turns into rain. In other words, the process eliminates one appearance and creates another one.

The movement and operation of the cloud are easy to comprehend in the destruction and construction of an entity.

But most of our observed matters are composed of a few constituents, several, or many. For example, the human body comprises water and chemical compounds like proteins, acids, bones, etc., residing in different formations within the shell formed by all these elements.

When our conscious body dies, the composing parts do not. They, individually or with others, enter another shape just like a cloud. And that applies to every little or big thing, a toad or a tree.

Everything remains in the big pot dissolving from one form and evolving into another. It is nature’s mandate.

In this mandate, no matter what formations things exist, these are all related, living or dying, but constantly changing like clouds in the sky.  

-Promod Puri


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