Leftists and Rightists, as per their ideological and political commitments, are poles apart. And they stick to their stakes. No matter how outdated or worn out these poles are.

Leftists worldwide still cherish Lenin’s socialism in Russia or Maoism in China without realizing none of the isms practised by the ruling elite in these two nations.

The dictatorships under cover of socialism and communism in Cuba and Venezuela are the other examples of Leftists. They are fanatically sticking to their ideological poles that obstruct their vision about the ground realities.

And the same goes for people on the Right or far Right side of the ideological mindset. There are Trumps all over the USA and Modi Bhagats or ardent followers in India. The Philippine ruling leader Duterte and the Brazilian president enjoy their massive fan support on the right front.

Nationalism and patriotism provide the fodder offered by the leaders of both fronts. And the mundane Janata, with their mindset pledge, forget how corrupt, powerful, and greedy or even brutal the system, Left or Right, can be.

After all, human psychology and behaviour influence the working of Left or right ideologies. The lofty idealism of the Left and the promise of wealth from the Right are not guaranteed as these two ideological poles are not the mantras for prosperity and peace.

The world must move on beyond the Right and the Left.   

-Promod Puri

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