Netanyahu says the bombing of Gaza will continue till “they get the message.” And “They,” the Hamas, is talking in the same tone with its missile barrage. The endless rounds of violence continue while the civilian population in Gaza faces carnage. There is no end to the horror and devastation, a repeat every few years.

There is an asymmetrical balance of force between Israel and Hamas. The mode of thinking with the latter can beat the former with Iran-supplied military and monetary aid. But it will not happen, neither the finishing of Hamas, the de facto ruler of Gaza.

A serious soul-searching approach by Israeli leadership has never happened to end brutality, systematic racism, and discrimination against Palestinians. Nor has there been a stoppage of the USA supply of arms to Israel. Nor has there been any change in war-loving and power-clinging leaders like Netanyahu. Nor has there been unity among Palestinian leaders and outfits.

For both parties, seeking peace through guns, rockets, and tunnels will never end the conflict. But humanity under the name of Palestinians will continue to face bloody confrontations from one generation to another.

Promod Puri

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