Reading is the process of making sense of words. It is a cognitive activity to attain information, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

In this pursuit, reading does not get confined to books only. Or any other print medium and the computer screen where the words as tools of reading are involved.

When we say “reading of the mind” or “mind-reading,” no tools (words) are engaged. It is our perception that does the reading.

We can say our thinking is reading also.

We indulge in physical reading as well as unnoticed reading generated by thinking. Both are complementary to each other.

History tells us there have been many wise people, especially saints with divine attribution, who did not go through a voluminous reading of books. But their minds did the reading.

Physical reading and reading through thinking play a crucial role in developing the intelligence and judgement of the environments around us.

Whatever the mode is, words or thinking, there is an interconnection between reading and writing. Reading impacts writing. The reverse is also true as writing stimulates reading either by written words or cognitive senses.

Reading is not complete just by shelf-load indulgence in books. It involves discerning involvement also, followed by writing that prompts more reading through print words or generated by mental discernment.

-Promod Puri


  1. It is right that reading, writing and thinking are interconnected and also interdependent. One gives rise to another.
    It is said that a book that is shut, is but a block. However, it is also true that literature is good staff but a bad crutch. Everything depends on one’s personality. History has proved that often the great books and thoughts have turned great evils.
    The tailors and writers must mind the fashion.
    In reading, writing and thinking, society and environment play a great role. These three faculties and society revolve around each other.

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