Getting The Best Out Of Turmoil And Turbulence of 2020

Thanks to Corona, 2020 has been a year of turmoil and turbulence.

Swaying with Corona constraints, the year has been like stranded in a ship sailing through choppy waters.

But in the Corona-infused environment, it worked out quite fine with me while being walled at home most of the time. Perhaps more meaningful to cope with life’s maze.

Abnormal became normal.

Corona invasion has disciplined our lives, from masking to six feet distancing and restricting travels, socials and shopping.

Joys, engagements and ease of life navigated new options. A circadian lifestyle is one where a daily routine is possible with the least of disturbances and distractions.

Before the pandemic mess up, the year began blissfully beautiful, especially in this part of the globe, Canada’s west coast.

My morning walks to Queen Elizabeth Park’s classic gardens were marked by new flowering of crocuses, lilies, and daffodils along with blossoming cherries on the street sidewalks. The annual spring display of nature was on time.

In between, we heard some buzz of a scare. But before it became a significant outbreak, we booked ourselves 15 days of vacation to enjoy the turquoise blue waters and white powdery beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

In mid-March, we returned to Vancouver, just in time before the quarantine became mandatory for all incoming passengers. Then onward, and continuing till now, we are all wrapped up with everything related to Corona and its cautions and precautions, including frequent hand wash.

Dine-out is out; dine-in is the norm. Culinary creativity developed along with reviving old tastes. “Teacher’s” came on the scene more often following the matured advice from my 92-year-old friend; along with home-brewed Cabernet.

Away from the palatable pleasures, sitting on the fence this side of the border and watching the US election scene was an exciting, absorbing and often entertaining pastime. Hail to Trump, the dominating character, who infused most of the bash in the race for the White House. Boredom never occurred during the lockdown periods.

Because of Corona keeping us off vacation, stay home, tucked with the internet, roam the world (digitally), gather news and views have been the everyday routine. All that contributed to a deluge of writings spilled over Facebook, the rest of social media and my blogs.

As my interests are varied, I endeavoured to write on a diversity of subjects. And those of you who liked, shared, commented, and carrying forward the discussion with added knowledge, wisdom and views, I appreciate the lively participation.

With that note, I wish you all Seasons Greetings and best wishes for the hopefully Corona-free New Year. Cheers!  

Promod Puri

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