Maintenance, maintenance, and maintenance are the mantra that sustains us practically in most aspects of our lives.

From personal health to our conveniences, gadgets, computers, and machinery, we are all tied to one crucial essential. And that pivotal element is maintenance.

We often talk and care about physical maintenance, body weight, sugar, cholesterol levels, etc.  And then the tuneup of our car or vehicle, upkeep of the house, lawn and building.

Parks, gardens, streets, roads, bridges, water pipes, sewer systems, and all the infrastructures undergo routine care, repair and reconstruction.

Oversized items maintenance like trucks and planes or any engine that needs regular oiling, checkup, and parts change.

Technically, maintenance involves on-going care or checks, diagnosing and servicing for preventive measures before the total breakdown.

A system’s integrity, be it our health, hospitals or home, streets or sewers, require regular and dedicated maintenance.

Then there are social aspects of maintenance as well.

We get the advisory to maintain the friendship, relationship, and even the connections. Simultaneously, in our behaviour and customs, there has been immoral maintenance of social distance based on class and caste, Black and White.

And lately, the maintenance of a six-foot distance is mandatory to avoid the Coronavirus.

Life revolves and survives around the maintenance mantra.

-Promod Puri

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